1. R

    not listed as author on published conference abstract, but was second-author on poster presentation?

    I worked unpaid on a project for a researcher that came back from maternity leave. I was asked to pick up the work and in return, she would give me authorship. I never heard back, but the abstract was submitted without my name and accepted for a conference. She then presented the poster at the...
  2. P

    PCAT Question

    Hey; I register for the PCAT but I figured it out that my ID has my name in capital letter ir doesn' t matter if I wrote my name in lowercase Example: iD: LIAM PAYNE PCaT : Liam Payne
  3. R

    Employment & Professional Networking Socially Acceptable Title OTD vs. DPT

    I am just curious on others input or personal experience regarding titles to those holding doctorate degrees, more specifically in the fields of OT and PT. From my personal experience it seems that those holding a doctorate in PT are more likely to refer to themselves as "Dr. ______" than those...
  4. M

    Changing very common hispanic last name for a unique last name

    Hello everyone! I am an international student that just got accepted into medical school. In my country you have both your father and mothers last name legally. My question is if I should change my very common Hispanic last name (ex. Rodriguez, Garcia) to my second legal name which is more...
  5. K

    Practicing under maiden name vs married name

    I got married at the age of 18 and have been known as Mrs. Hislastname my whole adult life legally and socially. I was so quick to change my name when I was in my newlywed stage that I never really put a lot of thought into it. I knew I wanted my future kids to have the same last name and wanted...
  6. OnePunchBiopsy

    ERAS: So begin the social media name changes.

    All my friends filling out ERAS for residency have started changing their names on Facebook. I have very stringent privacy setting on my profile. Two questions: 1.) Should I change my name? 2.) If I should change my name, what should I change it to? Please keep all responses professional (LOL)
  7. weanprednisone

    Personal Statement name mention

    While I was editing another student's PS, I noticed they used a full name, and immediately told them to change it to at least a first name/make up a name to prevent HIPPA violation. They ask if they should say N instead. (an initial than Nick) I then asked a friend working in a med school, and...