1. D

    Canadian NDEB exam prosthodontics question help!

    Hi all, I am stuck on a particular question while studying for the Canadian dental board exam, does anybody have any thoughts on this one? A survey of the master cast shows that the 3.5 and 3.7 abutments for a fixed partial denture have different paths of insertion with respect to 3.7. A...
  2. N

    Looking for a study buddy in Toronto/Richmond Hill/Northyork?

    Helloo, I’m just starting to prepare for the AFK exam February 2020. I live in Richmond Hill, ON. Txt or email me if you also need a study partner/group! [email protected] 6472835090
  3. A

    Range of AFK Scores accepted for IDP, Canada?

    Hi All. I made my first attempt at AFK this February (2019) and I’m awaiting results. I intend to go the university route with an International Dentist Program (IDP) and not proceed to ACS/ACJ etc. I noticed that most of not the Unis offering this program say that a student must have taken the...
  4. S

    oral pathology master

    hi , i recently graduated from a dental school in Armenia . i obtained a dds degree , my plan is to move to Canada and continue my education in Canada . would it be possible to study for masters or do research with a dds degree in canada if you graduated from a non-accredited university ? im...
  5. pikaboo

    Canadian Dental Board Exam Study Materials

    Hey, anyone knows what are the study materials we should use for the NDEB exam part 1 and part 2? I know it can't be the same studying materials for the NBDE (First aid, Decks, and Mosbys) because the exams are different. Any suggestions ?! Thanks.
  6. E


    anyone has any idea why MDS in conservative dentistry and endodontics from India is not valid for giving DSCKE exam? Thank you
  7. S

    Immigration to Canada for Dentists

    Hi all, I don't have enough points for Canadian Express entry. Can you please share any information you have regarding alternative paths to immigrate to Canada? Is there a way to get a job offer without clearing NDEB? Please share your experience.
  8. P

    Ndeb Canada completed foreign dentists

    Hi, Is there any Foreign trained dentist who has completed the whole ndeb process and is practising in Canada?! Can you please throw some insights if ever?! Thanks in advance, Dr. P
  9. radmikeli

    Study and resource material for AFK, ADC and NBDE

    Hi there, as I'm preparing for 2018 afk test I've collected some study and resource material. Beside these in my searching for information about ADC some nice colleague shared with me study material for ADC. I don't claim that I've got everthing that there is to get, but I've tried. :) Since...
  10. radmikeli

    AFK 2018 exchange of info, resources and everything else

    Hi to all AFK enthusiasts, I'm starting with my preparation for the AFK exam and gathering all the info and study material that I can get my hands on. Since I'm in a situation that I've finished my education more than 8 years ago and, consequently, forgot all the small print and details...
  11. F

    practise in canada!!

    hello, can an international dentist practise in canada after clearing the NDEB exam? i mean do you get license to practise right away or is it that you have to join a dental school like how it is in USA? and also what is the scope and possibility of getting a PR and job opportunity after that...
  12. P

    NDEB released questions

    Does anybody have the NDEB released questions from 2010 to 2016? E-mail: [email protected]
  13. pikaboo

    Canada and USA ?!

    Hey guys I am Canadian but I study dental school abroad. I wanna know if I do the American board exam will I be able to work in Canada with my American dental license ? Also if I specialize in the states (because it's much easier ) would I be able to work back home in Canada as whatever I...
  14. L

    NDEB AFK Result, Would you recommend rescore

    Hi, I just recently moved to Canada and got to attempt AFK. I have received score of 74% and passing score is 75%. Does anyone have experience with request for manual rescoring? Any recommendation on manual rescoring.
  15. R

    Gave up on pursing dentistry in Canada - Is Europe an option?

    Hello, This is my first post on here and I apologise for any typos in advance. In a nutshell, I did a year of Kinesiology at the University of Calgary in hopes of getting a GPA high enough to apply for dentistry. However, after a year of handwork, the best I could do was a 3.0 GPA and when...
  16. N

    Brampton-study partner-AFK

    Need a study partner for afk who can come to brampton public lib in chinguacousy branch. Anyone interested? Prep for feb 2017
  17. K

    NDEB study partner for May 2016

    Hi everyone, looking for a study partner preferably in Philadelphia, but will do with an online partner. I was inches away from passing my NDEB exam but choked. I would love a partner that would stick to a schedule of some sort and discuss things. In short, searching for someone to look out...
  18. siddyp

    looking for study partner for sitting ndeb part 1 in new zealand

    looking for someone that can help push each other for ndeb part1. doing the exam in feb2017. i want to properly prepare for this exam and pass first time. im from new zealand but area doesnt really matter, only the motivation to study!!
  19. D

    Are you preparing for the Assessment of Clinical Skills for Canadian NDEB?

    UBC Dentistry in Vancouver, BC is offering an intensive seven day course to anyone who is interested in taking the Clinical Skills component of the NDEB Equivalency Process. Over the past few years we have had tremendous success with our participating students passing the Clinical Skills...
  20. B

    NDEB-equivalency process - canada - study material ?

    hi , can anyone please suggest what all books should i read for ndeb equivalency process- afk ? is reading dental decks part 1 and 2 enough ?!
  21. B

    NDEB-equivalency process - canada - study material

    hi , i am planning to give ndeb equivalency process(afk) exams next year. can anyone please suggest what all books i should read ? (dental decks part- 1 & 2, mosby )?!
  22. D

    Pursue Masters or International Dentistry?

    Hello everyone, I am a undergraduate student in sciences (here in Canada) and desperately want to become a dentist here. The problem is that my GPA in early years was terrible. It has improved over the years (~3.1) but not to the competitive 3.7 required by the Dental Schools in Canada...
  23. S

    AFK Feb 2016 New Zealand

    Hello. I have registered for the AFK Feb 2016 at Dunedin, New Zealand. Any idea when the NDEB sends out the exam centre venue?