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    Chances/ Non traditonal/D.O School

    Hey, I am about to graduate in may 2019, a bachelor of science in Finance. I realized I dont want to manage people's money for a living, and contribute more to society, not to the bottom line of a financial institution. I will be taking pre reqs this summer and next, being able to apply for...
  2. S

    EMT considering DO

    Hi all! Kind of a non-trad here. I'm currently considering DO school, as I've had a sudden spark in interest. Figured I'd look into it a little more. My problem is, I have extremely minimal background in sciences. I graduated with a BA in Policy Studies concentrating in Health, Crime and Human...
  3. A

    Non-traditional and confused as hell

    Hello all, This is the first time I've ever posted on here so lets see how this goes. I recently graduated from a four year university (Boston University) with a major in International Relations. I started pre-med but was convinced by some friends that I wanted something easier (typical first...
  4. C

    Non-traditional Student Needs All of the Help!

    First off, my apologies if this post is redundant and my questions have already been answered elsewhere. About me: interested in a career in dentistry, graduated hs 13 years ago and have never attended college. I live in a major city and my community college has dual admissions and other...
  5. To be MD

    Non-Science Research Paper Published

    Hi SDN, I couldn't find the exact answer to my question, so here goes: I have not done any scientific research. That being said.... 1) A 'research paper' I wrote was published in my university's undergraduate academic journal & was then later published in my professor's book on rhetoric...
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    Non science student political science

    Hello I'm political Science student I want to apply for Medical School so I have to prepare for MCAT i don't remeber much from bio and chem or the other parts i was wondering what sources would give me enough info about the topics ? And the school that I want to apply to does not need pre Can...