1. Biggytooth

    NYU vs. Touro

    Hello, If you had to choose between NYU and Touro, what would you decide? NYU pros: Large patient pool, well established NYU cons: price (duh)-- A good $25,000 more a year. Touro pros: New clinic, a bit less expensive than NYU Touro cons: Patient pool Worth noting that Touro could increase...
  2. T

    NYUCD textbooks

    Entering D1 here. Does NYUCD use textbooks or a software? If a software, what's the name? Also, what book/resources are used for anatomy? Thanks.
  3. C


  4. M

    NYUCD defer admission?

    does anyone know if NYUCD allows accepted applicants to defer admission by a year?
  5. k.dot


    Hello, I have recently committed to NYU's 7-year BA/DDS program. I received excellent financial aid and my parents are covering the rest of the cost so I should be coming out of undergrad debt-free. I just wanted to know if there are any other people on this site that are currently in this...
  6. D

    Dental Hygiene students at NYU

    Hello, I am enrolled at the Dental Hygiene- Fall session at NYU starting this September. Is there anybody in this group doing the same?
  7. M

    Dental School Rejection. What next?

    Hello. I am currently a senior who goes to NYU. I was rejected from NYU dental school which was my top dream school so.. I feel very hopeless. I am eager to try again in the next cycle but until then, I need to raise my sGPA and DAT for sure. I am not a science major (social work) but I did...
  8. Y

    UMN vs NYU

    Hey Guys. I got accepted to both University of Minnesota and NYU dental schools this cycle and I am really happy about it!!! However, I am having hard time deciding between these two dental schools bc they were both my top priority schools. Since I am OOS for Minnesota, the annual cost will be...