occupational therapy interview

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    General Admissions & OTCAS Help! Interview and 'group problem solving activity' for OTA program I applied to.

    I have this coming up on Monday and I'm terrified. Anyone have any tips? I'm kind of super confused and curious as to what the group problem solving activity would be like. As anyone experienced anything like this? What was it like? Also if anyone wants to share any questions they were asked...
  2. O


    Hi Everyone! I just received my acceptance letter from DU for the MSOT Fall 2019 cohort! I am in search of housing in or near San Rafael, if anyone has a lead on this please reply! I know others are in the same boat as well. I also made a Facebook group titled: Dominican University of...
  3. D

    Program-Specific Info / Q's UAB 2019 OT INTERVIEW

    Hello, I was wondering if anybody knows anything or has any information regarding UAB's OT school interview. I have been trying to look up information but have not found anything. Any information would greatly be appreciated!
  4. G

    General Admissions & OTCAS Interview Questions

    Hello! With interviews occurring and upcoming, I thought it would be cool if we could post possible interview questions and unique answers we have had or expect?
  5. T

    Employment & Professional Networking OT/PT Tech

    Hello! I am currently an undergrad looking for a new job..I recently emailed a rehab center that has Physical Therapy and Occupational (I'm more interested in the OT stuff) and scored an interview for a therapy tech for tomorrow! Does anyone mind sharing some of the interview questions they...
  6. OTBound17

    Program-Specific Info / Q's Pacific University (Oregon) OTD Interview March 2017

    I am so excited (and nervous) that I was invited to interview for Pacific's OTD program. I am going on March 11th and I wanted to know if anyone else received an invitation and would want to meet up Friday night to get to know each other a little? It will calm my nerves to get to talk to people...