optometry admissions test

  1. M

    2024 OAT Breakdown (Score: 380 AA, 400 TS)

    I took the OAT on January 4 to apply for the 2023-2024 cycle. I really dedicated my time and energy to studying consistently in order to score well so that I can hopefully get in to a school despite me applying a bit late in the application cycle. I sent my applications to schools in mid...
  2. freeapple123

    OAT and Applications

    Hi there, I am currently going into my last year of my undergraduate in biology/ psychology. I had originally wanted to go into medicine and pursue ophthalmology; however, I do not see myself in school for that long. I had been prepping for my MCAT all summer and have had a change of heart and...
  3. M

    Chances of getting into SUNY Optometry?

    I have a 3.45 overall GPA, but 3.6 science GPA and about 3.7 major GPA as a Biochemistry major (bad grades were from freshman year). I have a 350 AA/TS OAT. My section scores were all pretty good, about 90th percentile for each of the sciences EXCEPT 290 on Bio. Horribly bad, which brought...
  4. S

    Question about application process

    So I was wondering when would I start my application on the OptomCas? If I plan to apply for getting into fall of 2019? Does starting an application get deleted when new cycles begin or are they saved to be submitted into the cycle when you're ready?
  5. L

    Thoughts on OAT destroyer and OAT achiever 2017?

    I have seen a lot of old info circulating these 2 and was wondering if the Achiever on its own will be enough for practice problems? I've heard the Achiever was much harder than the Destroyer and that the Destroyer better prepares you for more realistic questions that would appear on the exam...
  6. O

    Can I get in to optometry school???? OAT exam in 5 weeks

    Hello everyone, I have been struggling with my optometry application process for the past year. And it has made me doubt that I can even get into optometry school. I have 4 years of work experience ( I am an optician, tester, and vision therapist at my clinic) I am very confident in my work...
  7. predent2020

    Official OAT scores

    Does anyone know how long it takes for offical OAT scores to be sent to schools you selected? I wrote October 7th. I sent unofficial scores to a couple of the schools I applied to, but they said they need official scores to proceed w/ interviews. Thanks
  8. Y

    1 week until the big day...

    My test is this Monday. With the limited time I have left, would you guys suggest purchasing OAT Achiever to stimulate more test-like environment or should I continue studying from the OAT destroyer (2nd time over)/Chad's/Kaplan. I did take 2 of the Kaplan tests that came with the book and my...
  9. K

    Thoughts on my score?

    Just took the OAT exam A disappointed for bio and orgo.. bio i wish i had done a bit better. Orgo, i had a feeling i wouldn't do so well in. QR: 360 RC: 350 Bio: 290 GC: 380 Orgo: 290 Physics: 310 TS: 320 AA: 330 Will the two low scores hurt my chances? Will it be asked about? I have a 3.2...
  10. T

    OAT Attempts

    Hi , I'm planning on writing my OAT late August. However, text anxiety is definitely kicking in and making me anxious about it. I'm going to 3rd year and not applying till next summer, would it be best to wait and write it next summer? Do schools care about the number of times you've written it...
  11. eyehaveastigmatism

    Took the OAT today, need advice.

    Hey you guys! This is my first post in the forum. I am planning to apply for the upcoming 2017-2018 application cycle that opens this week, and I took my OAT today. The results I got back were a little lower than expected, and I'm having a tough time with it. I've been studying for about 3...
  12. Z

    OAT/DAT Study Package for Sale!

    Hello! I am selling an awesome package of OAT/DAT Study Material. The main focus is on the OAT but I do have a 2011 Copy of the DAT Destroyer along with a Mathematics section. I have the 2016 Kaplan Lesson and Review notes, flash cards, and note sheets, Princeton Review: Cracking the OAT, and a...
  13. S

    Worth it? Kaplan Review Course

    For those who paid for the Kaplan OAT review course (over 1k I believe) was it worth it? What are your thoughts? Thanks!
  14. crocketmeow

    For Sale Selling OAT Study Materials

    Selling the following materials individually. 1. OAT Secrets -- Mometrix 2. OAT Review Notes (Big Kaplan Book), OAT Lesson Book (Kaplan), and OAT, and Study Sheets There are pencil marks in the Kaplan books. External links: OAT Secrets Kaplan OAT Review Books/Sheets I also offer local...
  15. J

    My Complete OAT Experience (Test 9/24/16)

    Hi guys! I just took my OAT on Saturday, and because reading everybody's posts about their OAT experiences prior to taking my own helped so much to ease my anxiety, I wanted to take some time to share my personal experience with y'all to help in whatever way I can :) I studied for about 3...