organic chemistry ii

  1. M

    Might Fail Organic Chemistry II Twice. Will this ruin my chance of going to Pharmacy School and Grad

    So I am currently taking Organic chemistry 2 lecture for the 2nd time and it is finals week. I believe I am going to get a D or C in it. The first time I completely failed it. I didn't really try because I was focusing on my other classes. My priorities were all screwed just like it is this...
  2. A

    UNE Organic chemistry 2 Final

    Hello all, I am about to take my Chem 1021 lab final. Has anyone took it yet? What is the best way to study for it; would just lab data suffice? Please reply!
  3. R

    C- in Organic Chemistry

    I think I might get a C- in Organic Chemistry II. Does that mean I'll have to re-take it to get into Dental schools like UIC (top choice) which specifies all grades must be C and above?? I'm planning on applying in June so could I still apply but retake Orgo II during my gap year? Any advice...
  4. S

    Is Organic Chemistry II worth it? (poll)

    I am hoping to gain some input on people's opinions of the difficulty, necessity, and content of Organic II. (Keeping in mind that the school I'm taking prereqs at does not require second semester organic for biochemistry). If you only took OChem I, any regrets? Did you feel prepared for...
  5. J

    DO What are my chances

    Hey all, Thanks for taking the time to check this out. -27 Y/O -Took about 120 credits at CC. cumulative was 3.7. sci was 3.3. I went for free most semesters while working in EMS. -Transferred to a pretty reputable state school. Comparable to some of the private schools around, but cheap...
  6. LatePrePharm

    Should I take Orgo II? Got a C

    I'm going to be applying to pharmacy schools this fall. I graduated with a BS in biology May 2015, and I've spent the last year taking the last few prereqs needed for pharmacy school (I decided to do pharmacy really late) and working as a pharm tech in a hospital. I'll be done with all my...