1. futuredrummerdoctor

    Any current/former AZCOM students?

    I am starting medical school this fall at Midwestern University in Glendale, AZ and I have a few questions! MUCH appreciated if you could respond if you are affiliated with AZCOM, thank you!
  2. E

    DO Cycle 2018-2019: Is a June 30 MCAT re-take too late?

    I took the MCAT for the first time this January and received a 502. I want to take it again to see if I can improve my score (nothing crazy, maybe a 504/505 or so), but I'm afraid that taking it June 30 will put me too late in the application cycle. I already have most of my AACOMAS Primary...
  3. abtazz12

    What are my chances for LECOM-B, and how can I improve them?

    Hello everyone, these are my stats: B.S Integrative Animal Biology (2016) Minor: Chemistry GPA: 3.63 MCAT: 498 (second attempt); 493 first. Volunteering: >200 Florida resident I am also about to graduate from a medical assisting program. I did this in hopes of gaining more direct patient care...
  4. P

    Attending dream school's Continuing Medical Education event?

    Hey SDN, My dream DO school is having a CME event in a few weeks. Not far from where I live, isn't expensive. Subject matter is interesting to me. Would it be weird if I went? States explicitly it is for "Osteopaths and other Health Care Professionals," while I'm just a lowly radiology/ED PCA...
  5. Y

    Retaking Classes at a cc or postbacc Hunter's?

    I am deciding on whether to retake a few premed courses(5) at a local 2 year CC or at the Hunter's post-bacc program(known for its linkage to many medical schools but I'm entitled to stay there for 2 years). I just graduated from a 4 year University. I was wondering if D.O schools will look down...
  6. Dr.RickSanchez

    DO Still Haven't Heard Back From Most Schools

    Hi everyone, I apologize if this thread is in the incorrect sub-forum, but I am at quite a loss on where to make it. I have been complete for varying time periods at particular DO schools and have yet to hear any word of an interview invitation or rejection from all but one of them. If...
  7. C

    Chances of DO vs. Caribbean?

    After having done lots of research on IMG (St George) and DO residency matches as well as all the other stuff affiliated with that, I'm now reconsidering mainland MD simply because I don't think I have the test scores for it. But now I'm wondering, how likely is an acceptance to each? cGPA -...