1. C

    PUCO Second deposit

    Hi Everyone, I interviewed with PUCO in January and was placed on the waitlist. Does anyone know how much movement their waitlist normally sees? Also, is there a day that a second deposit is due for accepted students?
  2. P

    Pacific University School of Pharmacy - Honest Review - AMA

    I just finished up a few years at Pacific’s School of Pharmacy (PSOP). I have been meaning to write this review for a long while now, but always avoided doing so because of the time it would require to compose. I hope some students find it beneficial and will help students know what they are...
  3. S

    CSU to Dental School

    Hi... I'm a little worried because I transferred from a UC to a CSU midway through college and so far at every interview I've had, they always grilled me about that decision. Personally, I just wasn't a fan of huge class sizes at the UC school because I never felt comfortable enough to approach...
  4. I

    "Help me decide" mega thread

    I have to choose! Help! Roosevelt is only 20,000 a year and in Chicago which is a city I know and love. There seemed to be a lot of support for the students, and a cohort size of 20 seems just big enough to be able to choose friends, but still have small classes. DU is like...40 or 50,000...
  5. S

    Pacific University (Oregon) Waitlist

    Wanting to start a thread on Pacific University's (Oregon) waitlist status. Post where you are on the waitlist, if you are declining an acceptance, etc. I am currently in Tier 2.
  6. T

    Pacific University 2020

    Hey guys! Has anyone else heard back from Pacific University (Oregon not California)? I got my response today that I am on the waitlist. Does anyone know roughly what number of waitlisted students are usually asked before the program is filled? Thanks!
  7. GarrzThunder

    UOP University of the Pacific Decisions Class of 2019

    Hi All! I believe the interview phase is over, and that admissions and acceptances should be sent out by Feb 10th, 2017? I was wondering if anyone has heard from UOP (University of the Pacific) yet?
  8. O

    Program-Specific Info / Q's Pacific University - White Coat Ceremony

    Just out of curiosity - does Pacific University in Oregon (entry-level OTD program) have a white coat ceremony? I know that some OTD/MS do this
  9. O

    Program-Specific Info / Q's Pacific University Interview Writing Sample

    I have an interview Feb 4th for Pacific and I was hoping to find out what exactly the writing sample entails/what to expect from the interview from those that have perhaps gone through the process at Pacific? Very much appreciated!
  10. Endoapp24

    Pacific (UoP) and the Navy 4 year HPSP

    Hey Everyone, I've been fortunate enough to be admitted into the University of Pacific (a 3 year dental school), and I was wondering if it's still possible to convert a 4 year HPSP scholarship with the Navy to a 3 year scholarship? I'm willing to forgo the 20,000 dollar signing bonus provided I...
  11. D

    UOP Waitlist '15

    Hi guys, does anyone know how many people are on the alternate status approximately? If anyone who is accepted and is deciding to join some other university can you please post here, so we can get an idea. Please post here if you are on alternate/ declining alternate or acceptance. thanks...