1. H

    FAFSA is forcing me to have a "household size: 3" if I include my parents info. Are we supposed to put 3 even if that's a lie?

    I'll be 30 when I matriculate and haven't lived with my parents for quite a while. I need to include them in my FAFSA for need-based aid from my institution. If I include them there are certain boxes that get greyed out and auto-filled, meaning I can't adjust them. Is one of those boxes. It's...
  2. Thelostlilac

    Advice for online recruitment

    Hi! I am working on a study with parents, teachers, and medical students for online data collection and I am trying to figure out the best ways to recruit. Anyone have any ideas/experience recruiting these groups? I cannot afford MTurk or Qualtrics panel or anything like that. Any suggestions...
  3. BeatsByLobot

    MD Parents who are docs putting on your white coat

    I will be starting medical school in July, and my dad is an alum of the same school. My mom is insisting that I have my dad come to the stage to give me my white coat. I have friends at other schools who's parents are also MDs that came to the white coat ceremony and put the white coat on their...
  4. clinicalscience808

    Marriage effect on taxes while in school

    I didn't see any prior posts about this specific section of the subject but if there are any I'd be happy to read! :) I have been with my boyfriend for 4 years and am heading to vet school in Fall 2018. We've been talking about getting married (we're basically engaged just not publicly) but I...
  5. K

    Financial Aid without Parent Information

    Hi everyone, I'm currently an undergraduate student, and my institution lists me as financially independent. I don't live with either of my parents because of their abuse, and they refuse to give me their financial information, so my school doesn't require me to provide it. However, I know most...
  6. O

    Schooling advice for MS

    Hello, I am 18 years old with a child on the way, and she will be born in March, just after my birthday when I turn 19. For the last year or so after graduating with a 3.3 GPA, I ultimately decided I would like to join the health profession. I love helping people, and I am a highly passionate...
  7. P


    Why on FAFSA does it recommend entering parental info if you're going to be a medical student? What's the advantage/disadvantage/difference between entering parent info and not?
  8. A

    Any financially independent premeds living away from home ? Advice please.

    Are there any premeds here who are financially independent and living away from family? I need some advice. Firstly, I'm an undergrad senior (graduating next year. Only need 3 more credits to graduate) who is planning to take the MCAT in March apply for the 2018 cycle. I'm done with all my...
  9. R

    Parents who were physicians

  10. S

    Northwestern Deferral or Withdraw/Reapply to more desired med school

    Hello, This past cycle, I was accepted to both Northwestern and UHawaii Medical School (I am a hawaii resident). While this may seem like an obvious choice for most, I was conflicted between the two because I really wanted to go home after having spent the past 4 years away for undergraduate...
  11. L

    Parents telling me to "take it easy" this semester, goes against my gut instinct

    I'm an undergrad sophomore, with a 3.75 cGPA and 3.60 sGPA. Both have been steadily on the rise: Fall 2014: 18 credit hours (max) Overall cGPA/sGPA: 3.55/3.13 Spring 2015: 15 credit hours Overall cGPA/sGPA: 3.80/3.74 Fall 2015: 18 credit hours Overall cGPA/sGPA: 3.84/3.78 For this semester...
  12. B

    Would it look unprofessional to tour optometry schools with my parents?

    I'm planning to tour the optometry school that I want to go to soon, and my parents want to come with me. This is not an interview or anything like that - it's simply touring the campus. That being said, would my parents coming along appear unprofessional? I don't want to come off as being a...
  13. CareerNumTwo

    Looking for opinions from Mom/Dad Dentists & Dental students... (timing of babies & d-school)

    Fellow Parents, I'm in need of some advice/opinions on my situation. This is a major decision for my family but, unfortunately, my current line of work leaves me with childless co-workers and I don't have any friends familiar with dentistry to figure this out with... As for me husband, he...
  14. JohnConstantine511

    Family Is Adamantly Against Me Going Into Medicine

    I know that most parents would love for their children to become Doctors. My mother, who is an RN, is adamantly against me going to Medical School or into any health profession. When I graduated college I considered doing a post-bacc. My mother flipped out at this saying Medicine is not for...