1. azoomer

    Cornell vs UPenn

    I would love to get some more information / perspective to help me pick between offers I got for Cornell and Penn Vet. I am a non-traditional mature student from Toronto, Canada and I am lucky that cost of program is an irrelevant factor for me. I have a husband and family that will be staying...
  2. Rhi96

    PennVet vs. RVC (London)

    Hello! I am a California resident who is currently trying to decide between the University of Pennsylvania and the RVC in London. Sadly, I didn’t get into any of the schools on my personal “Top 5” list, but I am trying to remain optimistic and still feel very grateful for the acceptances I do...
  3. acc10

    Vet School Visits!!!

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for some help from current vet students. I'm a rising senior undergrad student applying this admissions cycle. I live in New York and am going on vacation in Florida in a couple of weeks (July 21-July 29). My dad and I are planning on driving back so we can stop and...
  4. C

    In-State residency at Penn Vet

    Does anyone have experience gaining Pennsylvania residency prior to applying to PennVet? I intend on moving to the Philadelphia area to work in the upcoming months and I want to see if I can apply as a PA resident. I can't seem to find Penn's requirements for residency anywhere on their website.
  5. polarbear531

    PennVet Clinical rotations question from potential V'20

    So I know this may sound weird, but I'm choosing between two schools right now and Penn is one of them. I was wondering what the clinical rotations look like (i.e. what are the 6 required, how do externships work at Penn, etc.) I want to do poultry med which basically means I'll need an MAM...