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  1. BC_89

    Forum Members Pharmacy Job Market and Financials Subforum - Feedback Needed!

    A lot of comments and suggestions over the past few weeks have reached our attention concerning the mega-thread merge of the Pharmacy Job Market. Due to multiple subtopics integrated in what has been said as a non-clear lay-out thread, myself and @Saisri_PharmStdnt (with discussion with admins...
  2. Kevin.Mero

    PharmD Degrees Decline ... (We're finally going mainstream!)

    PharmD Degrees Decline In 2017, the second-largest number of PharmD degrees (14,502) were conferred in the history of pharmacy education—a slight decrease over 2016 (14,556) according to the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP). Student enrollment in pharmacy schools for Fall...
  3. J

    Pharmacy questions.

    Hello all, I am currently a college freshman and have had interests in becoming a pharmacist for the past two years now. Currently I have shadowed clinical pharmacists and a few retail pharmacists. The job seems so interesting. I now have a few questions 1. Will pharmacy be still too...
  4. truerx

    Learn About 22 Types Of pharmacy Jobs And Job Openings

    Pharmacy is an evolving profession. Over the years pharmacists have found new ways to leverage their status as experts in medication therapy to create new pharmacy careers that have significantly improved patient care and advanced the pharmacy profession. Learn about 22 jobs and careers for...
  5. A

    Failed out of pharmacy school one year before graduation

    I was just notified a few hours ago that I have been kicked out of school due to poor academic standing. What are my options at this point? I was in a 0-6 school so I don't have my bachelors and my gpa is not good. I truly loved studying pharmacy and I was doing well until these last three...
  6. N

    Do I need to take the PCAT if the schools I'm applying to doesn't require the PCAT?

    So I'm applying to pharmacy school when appilications open, my overall GPA is 2.8 & I have a total of 113 credits. I will be getting my bachelors by the end of the year. The particular schools I'm interested in does not require the PCAT do I still have to take it because my GPA is low? I have 3...
  7. D

    Dismissed non-traffic infraction and license question

    Hey sdn, I was recently found to be innocent of a non-traffic infraction in Washington state with open/consume marijuana in a public place and had the infraction dismissed. Now I did not smoke anything, but was hanging out with a friend who was. I'm a first year pharmacy student getting ready...
  8. N

    University of Florida vs. University of Tennessee

    Hi y'all! I'm a FL resident who is applying for a Pharm. D. position at UT and UF. I was already accepted to UT and have an interview coming up for UF (so I may not even get accepted) and I wanted to hear some of your opinions. Both schools are in the top 20 ranked schools in the U.S. and they...
  9. ayejayeed

    Should I continue pursuing Pharmacy?

    Well I'm a sophomore high school that's currently living in the Philippines, but I am a US Citizen. I'm planning to take BS in Pharmacy once I reach college here in the Philippines to complete the prerequisites then go back to the US to get my Pharm.D so I could work in the US. I did some...
  10. M

    Question about pharmacovigilance and pharmacists

    I have a question about "pharmacovigilence" Here's the scenario a patient is taking 6 different medications with only two dealing with her actual condition. The other 4 treat the side effects of the two medications. This patient is constantly in pain and always throwing up. So how does a...
  11. P

    Best option for pharmacy!! Help please

    Hi i dropped college because i was so indecisive about my class. I took math placement and i didnt pass the placement test, i got 50% of the elementary algebra questions right but they combined my math placement score and act score to let me go into intermediate algebra instead or elementary...
  12. P

    For Sale updated Dr. Collins 2015

    Hello, finished my PCAT and got a great score :). I am selling my 2015 updated DR.Collins material. Honestly, this is a must use material in order to achieve a good PCAT score send me a PM if you are interested in buying.
  13. D

    My experiences as a 4th year pharmacist student on rotation

    I plan to be as transparent as possible in my blog to provide current and future APPE students a window into each of my rotations. I will share my experience, insights, and valuable information as I progress. In addition, efforts will be made to upload materials and discuss topics I deem...