1. B

    Difference between Physical Therapist and Physiatrist

    I’ve been trying to find a clear cut answer to this but I can’t seem to find one. What I’ve found is that physiatrists are able to perform more procedures, they usually lead a team of specialists (PTs, OTs, nurses, etc.), and they prescribe exercise programs for the patients. I’ve also seen that...
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  3. D

    Matched advanced PGY-2 and in dire need of a TY/Prelim Year

    Hi all, I am a 4th year DO student who managed to match into an advanced PM&R program at my number 1 choice. I ranked it so because this program was by far the best for me personally as it is close to home. I have tried calling every NRMP R3 program and AOA post match programs. They have all...
  4. B

    Position Swap PMR PGY2 (2019) Swap from FL to MI

    I'm a PGY1 completing my TRI year and am categorically matched as a PMR resident in Florida. I am interested in swapping PGY2 year (2019) to Michigan for family reasons. Please PM me if interested, and also PM me if you have another specialty I may consider.
  5. C

    PM&R Sports Med prep

    Hi all, I'm currently applying/interviewing for PM&R and am interested in pursuing a PM&R (FM would be ok) Sports Med fellowship. However, this could change if I fall in love with SCI, pain, etc or just get tired and want to work. Question I have is: What should I be looking for in a residency...
  6. D

    Letter of references from different specialties

    I am interested in going into Family Medicine , but was also considering PMR as a specialty, therefore I have been mainly applying to family medicine elective rotations but also a few PMRs. I just got accepted to a PMR specialty for a couple weeks, and was wondering if it would be worth it to...
  7. DrLefty

    USF-Morsani PM&R Rotation

    I'm looking at USF as a potential residency location for PM&R, I'd like to do an away rotation there to try and up my chances, but I can't seem to find out if/which rotation is the best one for that. I found MEL 8359 - Intro to Physical Med & Rehab, Neurology on VSAS says that it's...
  8. B

    PM&R Opinion on Physical Therapy Effectiveness

    I am a student who has recently been accepted to physical therapy school. I have spent a lot of time observing and researching physical therapy. Through this research and observation, I have come to have some reservations about the profession. I was hoping, given your vast experience in the...
  9. I

    Position Wanted PGY2, PM&R spot for 2018, any location

    Would love the chance to apply to any PGY2 spots open for 2018. Starting a transitional year in June.
  10. K

    SOAP Programs

    Does anyone remember the programs that entered SOAP this year? There was info on the past 2 matches but not so much this year's. Thank you
  11. T

    Feeling bummed on matching bottom tier TRI

    Congrats on all those who matched, and my deepest apologies to those who didn't. I know how dreadful not matching can be and maybe it's a bit insensitive for me to post this. I went for PM&R this year as a DO with COMLEX only, no red flags. I interviewed at some middle to high tier programs. I...
  12. bulldogtor

    SCI vs peds PM&R

    I am a PGY3 resident in PM&R and I have wanted to do a spinal cord injury (SCI) fellowship for some time now because I feel like I am able to really connect and make a difference in the lives of my patients. I recently started our pediatric rehab medicine (PRM) rotation and I am absolutely...
  13. P

    SOAP 2016 PM&R

    I guess there are some spots for residency in SOAP. Guys this is the place to share your SOAP experiences and concerns for 2016 PM&R residency position in particular. Please share.
  14. NYCPainDoc

    Re: Pain Medicine Fellowship Opportunity - New York, NY

    Dear Program Director, We invite you to please share with your Anesthesiology, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Neurology and Psychiatry resident physicians who are interested in pursuing advanced training in Pain Medicine. Click on Link to View Presentation: Fellowship Prospectus...
  15. P

    Cleveland Clinic New PMR Program

    The Cleveland Clinic is starting their own PMR program with their first class this July. As a medical student graduate of 2016, I would be in their second class. Without any current residents to get feedback from, I am wondering what other applicants thought during their interview day or from...