position wanted

  1. S

    Position Wanted position wanted: Family medicine, Internal, transitional, psychiatry, for PGY-1 openings

    Graduate research student here, trying to help S/O who went unmatched to find residency anywhere in FM, internal, psychiatry, TY, message me for vacancies or opportunities again from anywhere, please and thank you so much!!
  2. H

    Position Wanted Seeking PGY1 or PGY2 FM with J1-Visa sponsorship

    I have currently completed 18 months in Internal Medicine and looking to change my specialty to FM anywhere in the country with J1 sponsorship to start in July 2022 or sooner. Please contact me with any open spots, thank you in advance. My email is [email protected]
  3. S

    Position Swap Seeking to swap with IM PGY1 in Chicago for PGY2

    Hi, I am a PGY1 in Internal medicine in a reputed academic program in NYC. Seeking IM PGY2 position in Chicago. I am honestly very happy with my program but want to move to Chicago as my husband is there. Please contact me if you are interested in swapping. E-mail me if interested...
  4. G

    Position Wanted Current psych PGY2 looking for NYC position

    I'm looking for a PGY3 psychiatry residency position in NYC for the academic year 2022-2023 to be closer to my partner. Currently in a Mountain West residency program.
  5. D

    Position Wanted PGY 2 FM position wanted

    Looking for PGY2 position in FM anywhere
  6. L

    Position Wanted PGY1 Pediatrics, IM or Family Medicine

    Hi Looking for a PGY1 in pediatrics, IM or Family Medicine anywhere. Years of research experience and several publications.
  7. P

    Residency swap

    Looking for a pgy1 residency swap position for psych in the southeast/northeast ish area. Currently located in Savannah, Ga.
  8. T

    Position Wanted Looking for PGY1 GS swap or opening

    Hi there! Current GS PGY-1 in the Midwest looking to swap or open vacancies in California or neighboring state due to family reasons. Please message me if you know of any positions.
  9. L

    Position Wanted Looking for PGY1

    Looking for PGY1 in IM/FM/Pediatrics/Pathology or Psychiatry.
  10. H

    Position Wanted PM&R pgy1 or research

    Unmatched medical graduate that will be re-applying to PM&R looking for any positions opened or any advice, tips, or opportunities. Thank you.
  11. N

    Position Wanted PGY1 -FM/IM

    Just wanted to see if anyone has any resources for any IM/FM position for PGY1. After failing to match and also SOAP. I am just checking while also preparing myself for next match by studying for step 3. Any advice on how to improve my application and/or open positions is welcomed. Thanks
  12. shabbaranks07

    Looking for Radiology (R1) Position - 2021

    Completing IM Prelim Year in Philadelphia. US MD. Looking for position around the area to stay near my wife. Step 1 and 2 completed without any issues. Radiology rotations with Honors and couple publications and projects completed as well. Red flags: Surgery shelf Retake, with High Pass...
  13. L

    Position Wanted PGY1 IM, FM, Peds, Psych, Patho or TY

    Desperately looking for a post-match PGY1. In serious financial difficulties. Please, let me know if there is an opening. Old IMG, tons of research Experience. Some observerships. I don’t need visa. thanks
  14. R

    Position Wanted Unmatched, No Visa Needed, Still Looking for PGY1 Psych, Family, IM, Peds, Neuro, OBGYN, Open to Locate Anywhere

    Unmatched IMG with US Green Card, looking for any late openings in PGY1 positions. Numbers don't always tell the complete story: In the last five years, I have single-handedly taken care of my severely ill parents in the Canadian and US systems (myocardial infarction, stroke and renal failure)...
  15. E

    Position Wanted Looking for PGY1 Position in Psychiatry

    I am an IMG, US Citizen currently living/working in Puerto Rico: 1) All USMLE Steps passed (Step 1, 2CS, 2CK and 3) 2) One year of Non-Accredited internship in an Internal Medicine hospital (requisite for MD license in PR) 3) Since August 2017- Present: working with a full MD...
  16. K

    Position Wanted PGY1 Internal Medicine in Chicago looking for position in Houston, TX or surroundings.

    Hi! I am about to finish my IM PGY-1 year in a very nice, university-affiliated-community hospital with a great working environment, 0 scutwork, amazingly manageable workload (minimum levels of stress), amazing nursing and ancillary staff, and even better faculty. Looking to transfer to...
  17. D

    Position Available IM PGY 1 looking to swap from Texas to IM in AL, FL, TN, GA, NC or SC

    Hey guys, So I am a currently a categorical PGY - 1 in IM and I am looking for another IM position as a a PGY 1 or PGY 2. I am currently in an community IM program in the DFW area. Let me know if you are interested! Thanks
  18. K

    Position Wanted Looking for open PGY1 position!!

    I am a US Citizen looking for PGY-1 residency position. USMLE step3 passed. Have lots of clinical experiences in hospital and office-based setting. Can move to any state.
  19. U

    Position Wanted PGY-1 position for clinical or Academic

    I am a recent ECFMG certified IMG, looking for a PGY-1 clinical position in family or internal medicine or a research fellowships position. I am currently situated in Chicago, studying for step 3, but willing to move to other locations. Thank you for your time.
  20. P

    Position Wanted seeking PGY-1 in IM or Prelim or TRI

    I am a US MS-4 with 224 Step 1 and 236 Step 2. First time pass. Looking for IM, prelim or TRI position. Please and thank you!
  21. B

    Position Wanted Internal Medicine, or Family Medidine position wanted

    Hello, I am an IMG with: - Usmle Step1,2and cs all first attempt, - ECFMG certified, One observership, two externship ( from USA), -one year internship and three years on Internal medicine training ( from over sees ) -three research and one article ( from USA ) one is published. I am looking...
  22. J

    Position Wanted Position wanted - PGY2 family medicine residency

    Greetings, I'm an IMG, US citizen by birth, fluent in english, conversant in Spanish. Passed USMLE steps 1,2, and 3. I have completed 1.5 years of an inpatient heavy family medicine program. Currently looking for family medicine PGY - 2 position. Thank you for time and help.
  23. M

    Position Wanted Chief resident position internal medicine

    Hi I am a pgy3 in an internal medicine program and am very interested in doing chief year. The chief resident positions were filled in pgy2 at my institute, which I think is the norm at most institutes. I was wondering if anyone knows of any chief year positions being available for next year...
  24. M

    Position Wanted Chief resident position internal medicine

    Hi Jana pgy3 in an internal medicine program and am very interested in doing chief year. The chief resident positions were filled in pgy2 at my institute, which I think is the norm at most institutes. I was wondering if anyone knows of any chief year positions being available for next year...
  25. C

    Position Wanted Still hunting

    Hi y'all, So here's my story. I was let go from my OB/GYN residency program after completing 2 years in good standing. I had family issues that kept me from studying successfully for USMLE Step 3 and didn't pass it within 3 attempts at the time I was in the program. A year has gone by and I...
  26. O

    Position Wanted Internal Medicine PGY-1

    Hello, I am interested in a PGY-1 Internal Medicine position. I have done research and also a general surgery prelim year. My Step 1 score is 257 and Step 2 score is 230. I am currently studying for Step 3. I do sincerely hope to gain a position for the future. Thank you
  27. jnadoc

    Position Wanted PM&R pgy-2 openings?

    Im a current orthopedic surgery PGY2 interested in switching to PM&R. Does anyone know of any openings for July 2017? Thanks
  28. CCHS RX

    Position Swap IM PGY2 FL to OH

    I'm looking for an IM PGY2 position in Ohio (preferably Cleveland or Columbus area). I am currently IM PGY1 in the Tampa/St.Pete area. Looking to relocate for family reasons.