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  1. N

    Do I have a chance at a top medical school?

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  2. PopeKnope23

    Will med schools look down on a pharmacy tech job?

    I've been a pharmacy tech at Walmart for nearly a year. I thought it would be a good experience because I'd be able to see medicine from a very different, yet still important, perspective and because I'd greatly improve my communication skills with patients, nurses, doctors, etc. I've found this...
  3. S

    Help Deciding Between Different SMP Programs? (Yes...I've reviewed the previous threads!)

    Hello!:) I have been reviewing different SMP programs in various threads for a few months now but I am still finding it difficult to make a decision on which school to attend with the best chances. I have been accepted to Rosalind Franklin University in Biomedical Sciences Program, Case Western...
  4. C

    Repetitive answer to shadowing question

    I have been trying to find shadowing opportunities lately. I've been calling hospitals and clinic and get the same answer: we don't allow undergraduates to shadow or you must be at least a senior. I only contact one doctor directly so far and got the answer from the office person that they don't...
  5. Est2017

    Should I be excited about this?

    Hello everyone. I applied to University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS). They recently sent me an email with my ID and password (generated by them) to access the "GUS" -Gateway for UAMS Students. According to them, here I can see my application status and keep track of the documents they...
  6. Yamhead

    URGENT! Is having a medical transcription degree valuable to Medical School Admissions?

    URGENT! Is having a medical transcription degree valuable to Medical School Admissions? I'm a freshman and I'm looking to make my profile more competitive. I know there are other ways to make it competitive like a phlebotomy degree etc. But I'm asking about Medical Transcription. Is it a plus to...
  7. W

    Gannon University and PCOM Accelerated Program

    Hello! I was accepted into Gannon University and PCOM's (3+4) year medical program. I was just wondering if there was anyone who went through the program and had any insight on what the program is like and whether or not it is worth it. Thanks, all comments are greatly appreciated!
  8. Perhaps-an-artist

    Medical school prereqs

    So here is the dilemma, I took biology but I withdrew out of it. So I took it again last semester but I took it online and I realized that all the medical schools that I am interested in getting accepted to do not accept online prerequisites. I did not check the requirements before taking the...
  9. LindaAccepted

    Medical Premed Summer Undergraduate Research Programs

    Where will you be spending your premed summers? Often top medical schools in the U.S. offer premed summer undergraduate research programs. The purpose of these programs is to expose ambitious, talented college students to graduate-level medical research, usually over the course of 6-12 weeks...
  10. D

    Post bacc or retake MCAT

    Hi guys! I am trying to decide whether I should do a post-bacc, masters or just retake the MCAT. Small state school - bachelors of science in biology, (went to a community college afterwards and took nearly 5 courses.....medical terminology, calculus 1 to name a few - all sciences were taken...
  11. WhiteHatDoc

    For Pre-Meds: Choose Your Medical Specialty ASAP.

    I thought I'd share this Medium Article titled "For Pre-Meds: Choose Your Medical Specialty ASAP" with you guys. Hope you find it helpful as well! https://medium.com/@sampark/for-pre-meds-choose-your-medical-specialty-asap-2d12ad6d881e
  12. M

    Scribing non-compete clause

    So I was recently hired for a scribe company and finished signing the paperwork (non-compete clause and all) for an outpatient medical center. I had interviewed with a different scribe company months before for an ED position at a major hospital but was told that I would be on the waitlist for...
  13. ziaaa

    MD programs for international students or taught in english in Asia

    Hi everyone! I've been researching quite a lot these days for MD programs taught in Asia specifically in Japan, Taiwan, and Hongkong but I can't seem find any information. I'm hoping you could suggest some school. I'm in my second year of premedical study taking BS Biology in Philippines. I...