1. jjab8d

    ***The Official UMKC School of Dentistry C/O 2023 Interview/Acceptance Thread***

    Hey! First post on SDN. I didn't see any threads for the CO 2023, and in the midst of applications starting soon I thought I would make a thread. Feel free to post about your experiences, or general questions about applying/interviewing at UMKC SOD! Good luck everyone!:highfive: Link to...
  2. G

    what shape am I in?

    Hi, I am currently finishing up my last semester of my sophomore year of undergrad. I attend a community college in Alabama, and I am going to transfer to the University of South Alabama this fall to start my junior year. It looks like my gpa is going to end up being 3.93(best case scenario) or...
  3. studentpharmacist1995

    CVS Pharmacist Job Offer 2018

    Hello current/future Rphs! I am a P4. I have gotten a grad intern offer with CVS at a district 90 miles away from my hometown in South Florida. I accepted it as there seems to be no jobs any where. For those who work for CVS, what is the process if I would like to be near my hometown? Should I...
  4. P

    Please give advice Pre-dental (international high-schooler)

    Hello everyone, I am in my senior year of high school and am following the British pattern system (A-levels) in Biology, Chemistry, and Mathematics. I plan to become a dentist and work in the US. I am a US citizen and a Pakistani, and I know I can either do: (1) 4 year any undergrad in the US...
  5. G

    Medical Students on Admission Boards

    Hey Everyone, I'm looking for information if medical schools have students have a voice in their admissions process. I currently attend a school that does not have this option, but I would like to write a proposal to hopefully get students on the admissions board. I've heard other schools have...
  6. AllyLynnn

    CVS Pharmacy Tech

    Hi! I just recently got hired as a pharm tech for cvs. I was just wondering if anyone has experience working as one for cvs? I have heard a lot of negatives but I think I can live with them. But.. My main question is.. How long is the hiring process? The manager called me around 4 days ago and...
  7. csequine

    Does transferring look bad?

    Hey all, I had a life circumstance that caused me to transfer colleges after my first semester of freshman year after a major change. I didn't fully think through the decision to transfer because I was in such a hurry to get out of there, so basically here I am at a ridiculously expensive...
  8. Soffee

    HELP! Will my app be processed on time?

    Hello everyone! I forgot to submit a transcript for the community college class I took and am *panicking*! It was one class--a pre-req for my Biology major. I'm going to run out tomorrow and turn in a transcript request form for my CC, but am worried the processing time of my app will be...