1. E

    Ferkauf PsyD Info

    I applied to Yeshiva Ferkauf’s PsyD program and I was wondering if anyone attends the school or has at least interviewed there and could tell me some pros and cons that I wouldn’t find from reading their website. I really like the program and am hoping to go, so I’d love to learn more!
  2. P

    PhD/PsyD Thoughts on KCUMB psyd

    Hello all, I need some real life insight on what KCUMBs psyD program is like, I’ve heard good things about the medical school just want know if it’s the same in other programs. Thanks in advance
  3. A

    PhD/PsyD I need help on programs!

    Hello, I am currently trying to apply to programs for graduate school. I have tried contacting my clinical psychology professor from undergrad for help in figuring this all out, but I haven't received replies in the last 3 months! Now that it's getting closer to application dates I am starting...
  4. jpgasp

    Psy. D. or LCSW

    I am currently about to start my final year of my MSW, clinical track. I am already thinking towards the future, and I have a few questions. Social work has been a means to an end for me for a while now. I really liked the holism of the person-in-environment approach. That's why I chose to get...
  5. J

    Looking for housing near Chestnut Hill

    Hey, I have accepted an offer to attend Chestnut Hill for grad school (Psy. D. program) and am now looking for somewhere to live and/or roommates! If you are looking around this area or have any suggestions feel free to reach out to me! Best of luck to everyone!
  6. S

    Interesting Story- What are their chances?

    The person in this situation had a 2.3 overall GPA at their first University. They transferred and finished with a 3.6 GPA at their new University as a Psych major (undergrad). There is a lot of power to their story. At their previous school this person struggled with opiate addiction. This...
  7. J

    PhD/PsyD Advice on making decision: M.A. in General Psych or PsyD

    Hi! My goal is to become a clinical psychologist and I'm mainly focused on practice right now. I just applied to a myriad of programs and my decision has boiled down to an M.A. in General psych at CUA or a PsyD program. The costs boil down to about the same for both per year. I'm aware that the...
  8. CaliforniaPsyD

    Fuller Theological Seminary PsyD Program

    help, please! I'm trying to narrow down my PsyD program choices before the April 15th deadline and I thought I would get the opinion of you internet experts who may have some light to shine on what I beleive is my ideal program... I am really leaning towards Fuller Theological Seminary's PsyD...
  9. CaliforniaPsyD

    Psy.D. decision: Fuller Seminary vs Stanford Consortium

    I've been accepted into my two top choice programs and desperately need help choosing between earning my Psy.D. at Fuller Theological Seminary or Stanford's PGSP Consortium. Fuller's faith-based program is not a deciding factor, and I much prefer the location of Fuller in Pasadena than...