1. F

    USMLE Step 3 UWorld sale (CCS + Biostats only)

    Screenshot attached. CCS and Biostats with renew options. Both expire January 2020. $40 OBO.
  2. MissRibeye

    When to Incorporate Qbanks in my Study Plan

    I am a *very*-nontrad of 37 looking to apply next cycle but take my MCAT mid to late July of 2020 (a little late) but giving myself 6 weeks of focused time. I want to set myself up for success, so I am working on studying for my MCAT during my prereqs by kicking butt in my pre-reqs and finding a...
  3. M

    Do you read all of the RX qbank explanations

    Do most people read the sections of FA at the bottom of the explanation? I feel like it slows you down with diminishing returns. Wondering how others approach it.
  4. D

    Firecracker Discount: 54% off!!!

    Firecracker is running a special - up to 54% off a subscription! I used FC to prep for Step 1 and ended up getting a 265+ on the exam. It also was extremely useful in preparing for course exams throughout medical school. Between the huge Q-bank, tens of thousands of flashcards, practice...
  5. E

    Suggestion of using a Q bank during MS1?

    I am going to be an incoming student this fall and am trying to decide which q bank to use to supplement studying for classes/start prepping for board style questions. I just did a Masters program where I took anatomy, physiology, pharm and other classes I will be pretty much repeating during...
  6. S

    USMLE Bank but not USMLERx?

    Hello, I got an email in my school email about a discounted price for a qbank that I assumed was USMLERx. However, I am realizing now it is a totally different website: USMLEBANK - USMLE Step 1, Step 2-CK, Step 3 QBANK and not USMLE-Rx Home | USMLE-Rx I'm afraid I got completely scammed. Does...
  7. S

    Kaplan vs Uworld, What competition?

    I, like many medical students, used the internet as a resource when trying to determine what study materials to use when studying for the Step exams. In doing so, I came across the Kaplan vs Uworld Qbank debate multiple times. I only used Uworld for Step 1 (ended up with a 259), and I also used...
  8. S

    For Sale UWorld step 1 Qbank $150

    I'm selling the rest of my UWorld Step 1 Qbank subscription. I have a full reset (so questions will be unused with fresh statistics) and 77 days left, expiring July 15th. My price is $150, which is about 50% off the original price (a 60-day subscription is $279 through the official UWorld site).
  9. R

    USMLE-rx qbank discount??

    Hi all, Anyone know of a USMLE-rx discount code that's available for the 12 mo qbank? Would really appreciate it as a poor medical student. Thank you!
  10. L

    Firecracker 50% off discount if anyone is interested

    Hey everyone. Firecracker has been adding a ton of new features, and the price is set to increase soon. If you are interested in locking in a low price now to prepare for Step 1, feel free to use my referral code: mbsy.co/firecracker/27611985. You'll get a year subscription for $180. Good luck...
  11. I

    Free (Giving away) USMLE Rx Qbank discount code for 2017

    Here's one that expires sunday (9/3): S2SMCOG37QMAX112M 30% off the 12 month subscription.
  12. T

    Looking for students and residents to write practice USMLE/COMLEX questions

    Are looking for an opportunity to apply your medical education outside of a clinical setting while you’re still in training? Whenever you can make the time? With flexible weekly/monthly time commitments? From the comfort of your own home? Well, here is your opportunity to work for one of the...
  13. 7

    Has anyone try UWORLD MCAT Qbank?

    My friends studied for the USMLE step 1,2 and 3 all told me that Uworld is the best out of all their competitors. Has anyone buy their question bank? i started the 15 days free trials without the credit card and did about 15 questions for chemistry. They seem to have very nice detailed...
  14. P

    Offer ending soon Qmax Step 1 Discount 12mo

    Hi here are discount for 12-month Step 1 Qmax!!!!! 12-month Step 1 Qmax subscription: $139 -- Use promo code: UPR35QMAX112M This code is active from 7/7/17 to 7/13/17 Remember you can activate your subscription 6 months later. USMLE-Rx
  15. M

    Second best Step 1 Qbank after Uworld?

    I made the mistake of doing Uworld earlier than I should have and unfortunately feel that I'm too familiar with the questions. I was hoping the community here could recommend the best Qbank for Step 1 apart from Uworld? Thanks in advance!
  16. X

    USMLE UWORLD Percent scores by Subject and Step 1 scores

    Hey guys, sorry if this was already posted but I couldn't it anywhere. SO I thought I would start the thread. I was wondering for people who did UWORLD BY SUBJECT what were your Qbank percents and actual step scores. I see all these correlations with UWORLD and STEP scores but I feel like...
  17. B

    PASS Machine Qbank for Basic Exam

    I've exhausted TrueLearn for the Basic Exam (remember most of the questions from when I took the ITE) so I was wondering if anyone else was using the PASS Machine Qbank. It seems more "basic" than TrueLearn at times but everyone says TrueLearn is the best (at least at my program). Am I wasting...
  18. DZKMD

    UWorld's 2nd pass (80-100%) Should I change QBank?

    ORIENTATION NEEDED. I'm about 10 40Qs-blocks into UWorld's second pass ranging 80-100%; First pass, random, timed was 73%. My second pass scores are most likely 'cause I do remember the questions and answers, although I study the explanations again, even when I know the "why" of the correct...
  19. T

    USMLE Practice Question Writers Wanted

    Are looking for an opportunity to apply your medical education outside of a clinical setting while you’re still in training? Whenever you can make the time? With flexible weekly/monthly time commitments? From the comfort of your own home? Well, here is your opportunity to work for one of the...
  20. tarsuc

    Kaplan qbank average

    There seems to be a similar thread for both uworld and rx. Just started doing kaplan qbank, and i like it so far. Could people who have been through this qbank, post some details? maybe your overall percentage? and how did it tally with the real score, in case youre done? or uworld percentage...
  21. P

    Free Qbank

    I am a well-known author of USMLE review books (Secrets and Crush series) and am working to create a completely free USMLE Step 1 Qbank. I am looking for motivated students to help create some questions and build their CVs. If you are interested in contributing, please email me at...
  22. M

    Looking to Purchase Kaplan MCAT Online Access

    I'm interested in purchasing access to someone's Kaplan subscription for its duration...I just want the MCAT Qbank, and tests, so no need for the entire package. Apparently Kaplan used to let you just buy the Qbank but they don't anymore...I don't want to pay $2000 to get it. Willing to pay fair...
  23. P

    Getting slayed by shelf exams. Please help!

    Hi everyone, I really, REALLY need advice on how to study for these. I'm inn the middle of third year and I am being slayed by shelf exams. In order of most recent to oldest: Internal Medicine - 69 Used MKSAP and UWorld - All questions Neuro - 68 Used Lange Clinical...
  24. Ismet

    BOTH Step I/Level 1 FAQs

    As the last FAQ thread hasn't been updated in 7 years and all the links are dead or very old, I thought I'd start a fresh one. This is a work in progress. If anyone would like to contribute, especially for COMLEX information, you are more than welcome to! Discussion Threads Official 2017...
  25. P

    Qbank for the ABPN neurology board?

    Does anyone swear by a great online question bank for the neurology board? I did some brief online search, and found these three: Neuroprep: 860 questions, $140 for one month. Boardvitals: 1800 questions, $130 for one month. Neuroscalps: 800+ questions, $99 for one month. Anyone has...
  26. YellowTurtle

    qbank question

    Came across this question. Young woman with weakness/paresthesias. Began 3 weeks ago, worsening. PMH unremarkable, taking no meds. BP was found to be elevated 6 months ago at a health fair, she dismissed it bc she was stressed at the time. BP is now 190/100. Phx unremarkable. Lab = very low...
  27. D

    COMLEX Official 2016 Comlex 2 CE Experiences and Scores Thread!

    2016 COMLEX 2 CE please post how you prepared What scores you got while preparing UWORL, COMBANK, COMQUEST What was your experience with the test What was your score. 2015 thread :http://forums.studentdoctor.net/threads/official-2015-comlex-2-ce-experiences-and-scores-thread.1127509/...
  28. G

    Free (Giving away) 40% off First Aid/USMLE-Rx Qmax Q bank (code)

    The First Aid/USMLE-Rx team would like to offer you a great deal ($80 off) on a 6 month Step 1 Qmax subscription. This is an A-rated question bank from the authors of First Aid for the USMLE Step 1. They will even let you purchase the subscription now and delay its start date for up to 6 months...
  29. CharleyVCU1988

    Odd QBank Question about tourniquets and acid-base

    24-yo man having anterior cruciate ligament repair with hamstring graft. Tourniquet inflated to 300 mmHg as a method of decreasing blood loss. Patient stable intraoperatively and the procedure lasts just over 60 mins. What type of acid-base disturbance is expected with deflation of the...
  30. prealchemy

    MPrep and Kaplan MCAT Qbanks: What scores to aim for, and Kaplan diagnostic

    I know there were some older threads on this topic, but some of them seem rather old and I am not sure if the Qbanks have changed recently. I have just started seriously studying for the MCAT about two weeks ago. On MPrep Banks I am consistently getting about 75%, and on the Kaplan Qbanks I am...
  31. D

    USMLE Failed step 1...In need of guidance...low qbank score and nbme

    Hi! I'm an IMG, and have been studying for step 1 for the past 6 months (I did kaplan lecture noted and videos first) and for the past 3 months I have been doing only Kaplan qbank + FA. My qbank average is 51% and I am almost done with the entire qbank. I did uwsa 1 about three months ago and...
  32. R

    UWorld Step 3 sellings

    Hi, I initially planned to take Step 3 in Jan, but just took it in Nov. So I still have some time left on my UWorld stuff if you are interested. Step 3 CCS: expires 4/4/2016, so I have 5 months left. Would cost about $169 - selling for $100. Step 3 QBank: expires 1/29/2016, so I have 2...