1. macroorchids

    What are you reading?

    I am currently reading “How Doctors Think” by Dr Jerome Groopman. It was recommended by Dr Linda Sanders in her excellent book I just read, “Every Patient Tells a Story”. I would like to learn what attending physicians, residents and medical students are reading specially medically related...
  2. Alt-Dimension

    Any books/websites I could go to or any activities I can do?

    Hi, I'm a high school student interested in practicing medicine and being a doctor. In case you're wondering, medical school is undergrad where I'm from, so I'm technically also a pre-med student. I'd love it if anyone here could suggest some books, websites (YouTube channels are great!), or...
  3. ChemistryDentist

    Changes to the DAT in 2019 and Some Other Questions

    Hi everyone! This is my first post to SDN, so hopefully I don't seem too over-ambitious or anything of the sort. I plan on taking the DAT in the Spring of 2019, but I would like to start reviewing this summer. I know people tend to promote a 3-4-6-8-whatever week studying plan, but I would...
  4. M

    Reading Comprehension Strategy: Search and Destroy

    A quick tip on the RC section of the DAT: Search and Destroy Paragraphs are numbered, therefore: –As you quickly skim the passage, write down a brief (1-4 words) summary and keywords of each paragraph. –The list you make should help you quickly find the answer to each question by identifying...
  5. wannabedoc1231

    How do you focus?

    Hi all, So my #1 problem when reading the passages is FOCUS, especially when I find the topic to be not very interesting, like in CARS section. This causes me to re-read the passage several times in order to understand, and the time runs out. What strategy do you follow to keep yourself focused?
  6. M

    Highlight on Reading Comprehension

    Questions to those who have taken the OAT with the new feature that allow you to highlight words. This is regarding the RC section. Does the highlighting continue to be there once you move on to the next questions, or does it disappear? The highlight in Kaplan practice tests continue to be...
  7. whatisit350

    DAT Qvualt RC compared to the real thing??

    Hey guys, so RC is easily my worst subject. I recently bought the DAT Qvault RC and do a passage with questions a day. I'm doing ok on there, but I wanted to see if anyone had an opinion on how similar or different that was from the real thing. Thanks
  8. B

    Reading Comprehension... any advice?

    So I've been struggling finding RC practice besides bootcamp. Has anybody tried CDP RC section? is it any good?! I'm currently reading scientific articles everyday to improve my comprehension and timing skills, I've also done TopScore and trying different strategies. English isn't my first...
  9. Zharp

    Healthcare policy reading?

    Curious if anyone knows of any good reads for getting up to date on the current state of healthcare in America?
  10. GBCrzzyy

    Pre-Med Reading List

    I didn't see any recent threads with a similar topic and I am an avid reader. I thought this might be a good idea for anyone else that is looking for their next book and are deep in the throes of this year's application process. (or really at any point in their medical career) feel free to add...
  11. J

    Readings or the MCAT

    Hey guys! I'm kind of new to posting on studentdoctor but I was hoping to gain some insight. I was wondering what journals/ books you guys have found to help with speed/ efficiency of reading. I am using Kaplan and have seen significant improvements in my scores over the past few weeks, however...
  12. cellexp

    BOTH US IMG Study Buddy

    Hey, I'm looking for a US IMG to study with. I'm just starting and would like a motivating study partner or partners. To be clear, I'm not a recent grad; obstacles got in the way. But, I'm pushing past it all to clear all these tests and move on. If you're interested, I'm in California, but...
  13. LXUDM

    My DAT breakdown & 2M datQvault RC left for sale

  14. NescacPremed

    Good Books to read for Pre-med?

    I'm look for an educational book about science* that interesting to read that is not a textbook. Non-Fiction or fiction. Something that is typically read for leisure and that can help me in some way prepare for the MCAT or high level science classes! * medicine, MCAT related subjects, biology...
  15. A

    Reading Comprehension

    I had a question about this section- how are the questions divided up? Does the first passage have more questions and then the next two have equal amount?
  16. P

    For Sale Dr.Collins PCAT 2016 update version for sale.

    Bought the Dr. Collins for the January PCAT. It really helped me get the 90 percentile from 40 percentile the last time. Just send me a message if your are interested. Thanks
  17. LindaAccepted

    Medical Recommended Reads from Your Medical School Mentor

    What are you reading? While this may be a hectic time for you with academic deadlines and national holidays, if you have some free time, I recommend checking out the books recommended below. They may give you more insight on the various branches of the medical profession and keep you motivated...
  18. Possum737

    Estimated DAT score?

    So my DAT test date is 10 days away :dead: I have mostly been studying using DAT Bootcamp, Kaplan Blue Book and practice tests, Cliff's AP Bio, and Google for things that aren't clear. Just before I became serious about studying (about 2 months ago) I took a Kaplan practice Test and received an...