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  1. doglova

    Med schools reaching out to activities section contact on AMCAS

    Hello friends, I was wondering whether, pragmatically speaking, adcoms reach out to contacts listed in the AMCAS activities section. I'm having trouble deciding what to do with an activity. Hypothetically, if one were to do research/ work somewhere, publish/ get something that would enhance your...
  2. About the Ads
  3. D

    Are there any other EC's that I need to work on?

  4. thehopefulvet

    Recommendations for small animal anatomy/physiology books and resources?

    I'm taking human anatomy & physiology in my undergrad but in my current shadowing position at a veterinary surgical clinic I feel I would appreciate surgical procedures better if I had a more thorough understanding of, in my case, canine and feline anatomy and some basic physiology. I have been...
  5. LindaAccepted

    Medical How to Secure Excellent Letters of Recommendation

    When you are requesting letters of recommendation, there are a few strategies you can use to make sure you receive excellent letters of recommendation. 1. Start by determining whom you will ask for letters. Being strategic in selecting who knows you best and can write most positively about...
  6. S

    ELORs for RVC

    Hey guys, I need some advice on how to move forward with eLORs. I can't find a similar question anywhere in the forum history so I apologize in advance if this is a repetitive topic. Last year I applied to four universities in the UK through UCAS, which requires work experience to be documented...
  7. Cheezy89

    Getting Recommendation letters - when and how?

    Because I received lots of message about how to ask for recommendation, I decided to make a video about it just so to make the process a little bit easier.
  8. C

    MD Where to go from here

  9. I

    PhD/PsyD Neuropsychology Books

    What are the best books that discuss lateralization of brain functions at a more in depth level? I would appreciate any suggestions!
  10. A

    MCAT Video Review/Recommendation/Thoughts Thread

    Hey SDN! I thought I would start a thread where people can discuss the different online video prep options, so we can find all the info on all the options in one spot. Feel free to put any thoughts you have on specific videos, what's good, what's lacking, or even just on using videos to help...
  11. Iridionprime

    Late evaluation important are they 0_0 ?

    Hello. So here's a summary of my present situation. I applied early like the first week, finished all my secondaries as soon as they were sent to me as well. However, my school uses a committee letter and they still haven't uploaded it. It's frustrating since I went out of my way to get all my...
  12. P

    Laptop Recommendations

    So, I'm an incoming P1 and I was thinking about getting a new laptop for school since mine is old and sad. Does anyone have any good recommendations? What laptops do/did you use in pharmacy school, if any at all? I'm definitely not looking at any Mac, though.
  13. PathforwardtoDPT

    Questions regarding LOR...

    I tried searching, but couldn't find these specific questions: I have a LOR lined up from a therapist, but he only just recently graduated like 3 years ago. Would this affect the LOR in a objectively negative way regardless of how great he writes the LOR? More specifically, do schools take...