1. P

    PTCAS References

    Hey guys! I was wondering if there is any way to store references somewhere before applying. I am planning on applying to the 2021-2022 application cycle and I know you're supposed to sent a request to your references to submit their letters through PTCAS, but I feel like June is a long time to...
  2. S

    VMCAS c/o 2022

    Any questions/concerns/ranting about VMCAS **for the class of 2022. I obviously need to work on rereading what I wrote before I hit enter.
  3. Matcort

    Mixing and Matching References

    I'm organizing my references for my PTCAS Application now. I have 2 letters from PTs, one from a professor, and one from an employer. I have a couple questions. Since some schools want a letter from an employer and some want two from a PT, is there a way to mix and match my references so that...
  4. pikaboo

    MD Help dental student

    Hey guys, I will be doing my CBSE in a year in order to get into OMFS and I was wondering what do you normally use as your best resources for your medical school studying? What's the best way to study physiology? What's the best way to study pathology for CBSE/USMLE? thank you very much!
  5. G

    Will letter of recommendation be my downfall?

    Hey guys. I'm nearly done with my application. The only thing left are my LORs and personal statement. I'm pretty much done with the personal statement but just need to make a few edits. As for the LORs I have three but I'm worried that two of them may not be the best. I have one from an English...
  6. Dai

    When to request references before PTCAs opens up application?

    So I had a question regarding asking my current professor about sending in a reference letter to the PTCAs system. I am aware they PTCAs launches their 2016-2017 application in June -- however, I am nearly done with my junior semester and I would like my current professor to do a letter before...
  7. N


    Does anyone know exactly how important the letters of reference are and what committees are looking for in them? I think I will be able to get 1 good letter form my bio prof, 1 great letter from my shadowing dentist, BUT 1 alright letter from my chem prof. Is/has anyone been in this situation...