repeat courses

  1. YoungDaggy

    AP Course - Repeated

    I took AP chemistry in high school and got credit for it in college. However, I took CHEM 101 (its equivalent) in college anyways because I was told med schools don't really like AP credits. My transcript shows that the transfer credit was excluded and that the taken class is a repeat (and...
  2. S

    Please help:( question about repeated courses

    heu guys! I came across a recent thread on repeated courses and it kinda sent me into a panic mode. I’ve retaken my calculus course 4 times throughout undergrad at the same institution. Does OptomCAS only use the last attempt? Like do I put 0 for the first 3 attempts and give credit for the last...
  3. K

    Repeating entire year?

    So I am currently a sophomore who transferred to another university. A lot of my credits didn’t transfer/I didn’t do well in a couple of classes so I’m in as a true “first year” for this year. So, I’m in my second year of college but I’m actually a first year at this point because of credit...
  4. K

    Repeated courses

    I retook classes in community college and before I transfered to a four year school. My first college (Community College of Rhode Island) has academic forgiveness but it I unlimited. What should I put under the mount of credits the class was if I didn't receive credit until the last time I took...
  5. Y

    Number of Research Experiences for Residency

    How many research experiences does the average medical student has when applying for residency? For example, I currently am writing an article with an ortho surgeon, which we are hoping to publish by october this year and will be presented as a poster as well in september. I am also working on...
  6. S

    Repeat courses

    Hello. I'm currently a microbiology student. I'm on my third year and I have never retaken a class. I had a 4.00 GPA until I took precalculus and precalculus 2 (got a C and a D). I also have an associate degree in chemistry with a 3.76GPA, but it does not count because it was in another school...
  7. W

    Low gpa, withdrawals, repeats, few F's with repeats

    Hello,I'm a 6 year undergraduate student. I was going for being a physical therapist but I decided my junior year that I realized I wanted to be a doctor. That said I've had a lot of family illnesses and it's been more emotionally draining these last 2 years because I've confronted it. That said...
  8. Pwayne55

    Repeat Classes but no Grade on my Transcript, what to put??

    I have a question about repeat courses: My official transcript doesn't list the grades at all for the first attempt, and I am not sure where to find those. I am going to Student Services to ask them if they have a record of the first-attempt grades but if they don't... What should I enter as...