residency match

  1. 1

    Should I try for ortho?

    Hi everyone, just wondering if I should try for ortho, do a research year, or just scrap it altogether and pursue something else. Stats: Step 1: 226 Step 2: Haven't taken yet, but shelf scores are looking promising Clerkships: School is all P/F, but evaluations are great and supposedly I'll...
  2. C

    Rank list help!

    Hi guys, Need help ranking 3 programs. I had some red flags so I’m grateful I even have 3 to rank lol. That said, it’s hard. The programs are: 1. SUNY upstate 2. Rutgers 3. UT Houston I enjoyed all 3 interviews some more than others. Does anyone have any info on Rutgers? It’s hard to find...
  3. K

    DUI before residency

    Here I am asking strangers on a forum for advice/information on a stupid mistake that I regret every day. "Tell me about a time where you made a mistake". So I am a non-US IMG that was charged end of 2019 in Canada for a DUI. My BAC was almost double and I was involved in a collision (no...
  4. M

    Program Specific Questions

    If one wants to get into an Endo or Heme-Onc fellowship and wants to have some clinical research done...? The facilities are allegedly in the top 5 in the US, and it's near Boston, and it is affiliated with UMass...anyone really wanting to train there? Thanks for the input. (This post is not for...
  5. X

    couples matching

    How many programs do we need to apply to? Assuming we interview well, will couples matching put us at an extreme disadvantage in terms of matching? We are hoping to apply in the northeast. Person #1: Applying Internal Medicine -Step 1: 247 -Clinical Grades: Mostly Honors -School: MD, low-tier...
  6. NanoSave

    Neurosurgeon Residency Match Question

    I am preparing for medical school now. What advice would you give to maximize my chances to match for a neurosurgeon residency?
  7. T

    Help with choosing AI or Electives for General Surgery

    Hi all, I am a 3rd year Medical Student applying for away rotations for the upcoming year. I am interested in General Surgery for my residency match. I am currently designing my 4th year schedule to help me be the most prepared for intern year by transferring through different subspecialties...
  8. E

    Help with neurology match

    Hey there, A non-US IMG here, step 1 score: 216, step 2 CK : 239, graduated last year and currently a neurology resident in my home country. What are my chances in neurology match if I improve my CV? What should I work on next? Should I change plans with these scores?
  9. PickleRick19

    Pass in core clerkship in field of interest

    Hey everyone, First, some background. I'm a 3rd year med student with a 245 step 1 score, mostly high passes/honors in pre-clinicals (w/ one pass in a behavioral class), some research (one pub and another on the way), community involvement w/ volunteering at clinics, 2 mission trips, yada yada...
  10. S

    Should I take a year off or match?

    I know I want to be an interventional radiologist; I am convinced it is everything I want out of a medical career. That being said, there is no way I am going to match to the new IR residency, nor a radiology (ESIR) residency. My gpa is too low, I go to LECOM, I doubt I will be able to publish...
  11. C


    Hello all! I've gotten accepted to both KYCOM and NSUCOM. While I've been doing a lot of research about both schools, I feel like I need a little bit more help deciding where to go. My hang up is the rotation sites and getting the residency of my choice. I am not sure what area I'd like to go...
  12. A

    470 on COMLEX, interested in Peds, chances?

    Hi I couldn't find a recent post on how to gauge COMLEX scores for Pediatrics. I scored a dismal 470 because of an unfortunate situation. My practices were >500. I know I'll do better on COMLEX 2. What do you think my chances are for ACGME Peds residencies? I am hoping to do a neonatology...
  13. P

    Residency/School Reputation??!!

    Hey guys! Need some advice on this subject as I am accepted to pharm school which starts next month. My plan after graduating is to do a residency so that I can work in the hospital. I have been dwelling over the fact that due to the school being private it will be hard for me to get matched...
  14. LindaAccepted

    Medical After the Match: How to Prepare for Residency

    Now's the time to buy that house! This past Friday, thousands of medical students across the US (and the world) discovered where they will be living and working for the next 3-6 years. And now, with less than four months of planning, these newly minted physicians are expected to move to new...
  15. F

    DO Matching MD Plastics

    Anyone know of any DO students who have matched in a MD integrated plastics residency? I have not seen any recent forums on this topic. My USMLE is mid 250s and COMLEX 705 and want to avoid going Gen Surg or ENT to get there if at all possible :yuck:
  16. nutritionbuff

    Current/Past Med students: UCI vs UCSD?

    Hi there, I am hoping that current or graduated medical students could shed some light on UCI and UCSD - beyond what can be read on their websites. I am choosing between the two schools and having a hard time.. In the last couple years, all the major differences that I could identify have been...
  17. P

    "Same rank level" on NRMP couples match algorithm - SOS

    Hello everybody! I tried looking for the answer to this everywhere could someone with information on this please help us out. The NRMP couples match video just barely touches a fact where it says couples have to be " ranked at the same rank level" to successfully match together. Me and my...