1. S

    Advice for getting involved with neurosurgery residents and getting on research

    I'm a second year medical student interested in neurosurgery and I have slowly been getting more involved my institution's neurosurgery department over my first year. I have been told that I need to get involved with the residents to get on more projects, but so far I have had a hard time...
  2. rashmile

    Life Skills Seminar for Medical Students and Residents

    Hey y'all, Rad BootCamp is putting on a session this Saturday, 5/8/21, @ 2 PM focusing on Life Skills that would benefit any medical student or new resident. We'll have some experts talking about Managing Finances, Managing your time, Having Difficult Conversations with Colleagues, and...
  3. D

    San Diego Dermatology Symposium: A Live VIRTUAL Experience September 11-13, 2020; free for residents, fellows, students!

    Join us for the Inaugural San Diego Dermatology Symposium (SDDS) - A Live Virtual Experience being held on September 11-13, 2020. Sixteen renowned faculty will present updates on clinically-relevant topics such as: acne, actinic keratosis, alopecia, atopic dermatitis, atypical nevi, blistering...
  4. A

    American AEGD & Canadian GPR Programs (2021)

    Hello Everyone, I am currently an Australian dental student looking to pursue an American AEGD or Canadian GPR program in 2021, any information on program exposure (beyond what is available online) would be greatly appreciated. To clarify, I am not looking for licensure within the United...
  5. LindaAccepted

    Medical Doctor, Mother, and SMILE Score Creator [Episode 310]

    Interview with Dr. Laura Vater, resident physician and SMILE Score creator [Show Summary] Dr. Laura Vater is a current resident in internal medicine, future hematologist/oncologist, mom, and inventor of The SMILE Score, a tool to help patients and health care providers simplify and prioritize...
  6. G

    Anesthesiology Board Preps

    Maybe these are already answered but Any suggestion for BASIC BOARD prep qbanks? Boardvitals, vs. Truelearn vs. passmachine etc.? how about Michael Ho's program?
  7. Thelostlilac

    Med Students/Residents: chance to earn gift card!

    Med students/Residents: I am doing a study looking at how much medical students and residents know about autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Everyone who participates has a chance to win one of three $25 gift cards! Here's the link if you're interested in participating...
  8. S

    When to call the Attending... for residents or CRNAs.

    I'm trying to find a guideline for when a hands-on provider should call the attending anesthesiologist. Does anyone have something that they can share with me? Acute Blood Loss Surgeon Concern for coagulopathy - Coag/TEG Studies sent Hemodynamic instability requiring an increase in...
  9. T

    Hospitals with hottest residents/doctors?

    Just for fun, nobody get mad! I'm wondering which hospitals you've been to or experienced with the hottest doctors/residents or anyone who works there, and maybe what specialty they were too.
  10. YellowTurtle

    Why are obgyn residents the worst?

    I'm almost done with third year. I've rotated through the majority of my clerkships and I'm on obgyn now. I used to want to do obgyn, and I thought everybody was just judgmental when I would hear how horrible the people in obgyn were. (I decided to do surgery before this rotation so this isn't...
  11. Army Healthcare (CT)

    Part Time - Anesthesiologist (Connecticut)

    The Army is looking for Anesthesiologists to fill our ranks in the Army Reserve. We are offering $75,000 in Special Pay and loan repayment up to $250,000. The commitment is based off of the incentives you choose. The obligation is 38 days a year in the Reserve. If you would like more...
  12. Army Healthcare (CT)

    Part time - Emergency Medicine Physician (Connecticut)

    The Army is looking for part-time Emergency Medicine Physicians. 38 days out of the year. We are offering a bonus and student loan repayment. There are also full time positions available with incentives. Please reply to this post for more information. Fill out this google form if interested...
  13. E

    Perio Residency 2018 entry

    This thread is for application cycle of summer of 2017, for programs starting 2018. I am getting ready to apply and any advice is appreciated. I'll share the info I gathered so far: (info based on estimates and generalizations for summarization) Applicants apply for 5-10 programs out of a...
  14. CompHealth

    Applying for a Medical License

    Attaining your first medical license can be a daunting task. If you start the process with a clear understanding of what documents you must include, the process can be much easier. Use the following list to determine what documents you will need to procure your medical license. Learn more at...
  15. B

    Medical Residency Career Coach / Therapist to figure out specialty

    Is there such a thing as a medical residency career coach or therapist to help residents who are thinking of switching fields figure out what specialty is best for them? If yes, can you list names and numbers and if you know whether they would use skype or phone consultation as well? please...
  16. D

    I only have 50 dollars a month to invest- Should I Invest As A Resident?

    It's really powerful what compounding can do for a small amount of money as a young resident. Is there anyone that thinks that it pays to save such a small amount when you have all these other expenses to deal with? Take a look at this article Do you agree?
  17. CompHealth

    What is a Locum Tenen?

    "To hold place of" is the Latin meaning of locum tenens, which is exactly what locums physicians do-- hold the space of someone else during a temporary absence or time of turnover. Traveling physicians have been around since 1850, when physicians would travel across the North American frontier...
  18. A

    Has anyone heard of Resident Medical Group tutors?

    Has anyone use Resident Medical Group (or Residents Medical Group) for Step 1 tutoring? If so did you find it helpful? They are super pricey but I was wondering if anyone found their tutors/methods helpful? Thanks!
  19. L

    Suggestions for recruiting residents for research

    I'm a doctoral student doing a study that involves querying residents about their experience with interprofessional education with a short survey. So far, I'm not getting the responses I had hoped for...wondering if anyone has suggestions for where I might have success with recruiting...
  20. paniwani

    eContour - Public Release!

    Announcing the public release of, a novel web-based interactive contouring atlas. Register for free to view head & neck and lymphoma cases (with other sites coming soon)! Happy contouring! -- Neil & Erin
  21. L

    Collaboration Competency and IPE Study for Physician Trainees -- Win a $500 VISA Gift Card

    Hello, I am a doctoral student at Northcentral University. As part of my doctoral dissertation, I am conducting a study to assess collaboration competency in physician trainees who have participated in interprofessional education compared to those who have not. You must be a physician trainee...