retaking classes

  1. N

    Should I retake these for MCAT if grades decade old?

    Hi all, I'll do my best to keep this short and sweet, and I apologize in advance if this question or variant of has been asked X amount of times. I've tried searching for the answers on here and elsewhere, but I guess situations can be different. So here's the gist; and thank you in advance for...
  2. B

    Retaking Online Course In-Person

    I'm currently a student in a post-baccalaureate program to finish up prerequisites I haven't taken before. In my undergrad years, I took both the lecture component of Physics 1 and 2 online where exams were proctored in person but the lectures were all online. This was all done pre-pandemic. I...
  3. LindaAccepted

    Medical How to Decide if You Should Retake Courses in Preparation for Applying to Medical School

    The American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS) has applicants manually enter all coursework and grades into the AMCAS application. You may wonder why they have you complete this seemingly repetitive and arduous section, given that they collect official copies of all transcripts. It...
  4. D

    Retaking courses

    I recently graduated and am finishing up my pre-reqs (I had a semester where I wasn’t sure if I was going to apply to med school so I got a little behind). I do need to retake chem 101 (I got a c-). I am planning on retaking it this summer at the same institution I took it at as a freshman. Will...
  5. M

    Re-Taking Courses

    Hey. So, currently I am in an SMP. I was wondering if I did poorly in courses in undergrad, would I still have to retake those courses if I am doing well in my SMP?
  6. C

    Low GPA but I want to improve. What are my chances?

    Hey Everyone! I applied for the very first time to PT schools this past cycle for classes beginning in 2018 and was rejected from 8 and my application is on hold for 1 (Campbell University, whose classes start in 2019), pending that I send in my transcript for classes they want me to retake. I...
  7. C

    AP physics and psychology credit - need to retake?

    Hi everyone! I'm new to SDN, and I tried my best to look up potential solutions and advice via past threads, but in the end I still want to write a post of my own. I'm currently enrolled in a very tedious and time-consuming intro physics course (mechanics) for which I have AP credit. I also...
  8. N

    Please help ! ready to go back..which approach to take? NY

    If anyone has gone through or knows someone who has, please post your advice. I have made mistakes partly due to no guidance and trying to figure things out on my own so I hope someone could please help as I attempt to take the next step. I studied pre-med in college. Have always been a good...
  9. wut?

    what are my chances so far?

    Hi, I'm currently a sophomore interested in applying to med school and I'm a little worried about how my chances look right now. I currently have 2 C's, 2 C+ and a D (pre calc) on my transcript. I plan on retaking the class I got a D in but I'm worried about how med schools are going to view me...
  10. G

    Retaking @ Community?

  11. A

    Applying now but retaking the DAT in Sept?

    Took the DAT on 6/15... PAT: 18 QR: 15 RC: 18 BIO: 20 gChem: 19 oChem: 16 TS: 19 AA: 18 First off..I am upset by these scores..on all BC practice tests for PAT & RC I was getting 20+'s, but my anxiety kicked in during the test and made me choke. QR I had gotten 19's on last two BC tests I...
  12. S

    Undergrad Crisis for a Pre-Optometry Student !!

    Hey Guys , so i am currently a junior in undergrad and I am really confused and nervous. My freshman year of college was kinda turbelent. My first semester i did ok. Mostly B's. But then my second semester i failed a pre-calc class and took it over in the summer but i got really sick in the...
  13. D

    Serious GPA Repair Strategy for DO Acceptance

    Hi all, I really need some advice because I don't understand how the DO sGPA calculations work. For some context: I attended a Top 15 undergraduate university, and I have great leadership, lab research, and shadowing experience. Unfortunately, I let my extracurriculars and social life...
  14. D

    Retaking Basic Science Courses

    Hi, so I have a terrible science GPA mainly because I got C's in almost all of my basic science coursework (my other basics are only B's, not even A's), so I am heavily considering doing a DIY postbacc and retaking all of that basic coursework. Will it be poorly reflected on DO applications that...
  15. flamingo1

    Advice on this plan I have to increase my low GPA?

    Hello All, I have graduated with a bachelors in cellular and molecular science, with a overall GPA of 2.68, in June of 2015. I have been lurking on this forum for a very long time now. I've gotten more tips from this forum then I have from advisors, so that's why I would like to ask you guys...