1. P

    For Sale RxPrep 2019 (Brand NEW) NAPLEX Course Book - $160

    RxPrep 2019 NAPLEX Course Book (Brand New) $160 Brand new, for sale $160 (original price $188). No highlighting, wrapped in original packaging. PM to contact for purchase through PayPal. ---- Packed full with helpful tips and key drugs—to help you reach a high score! New! Quick Guide Pages...
  2. I

    January CPJE

    I’m taking mine the end of January using rxprep clinical and law to study. For those that took the exam already, How difficult was the exam ? What are some of the concept you think we should focus on when studying. If there is any study group, I will love to join as well. Good luck to every one.
  3. C

    2018 vs 2019 RX Prep Book?

    Hi all, Does anyone have both the 2018 and 2019 versions of the RXPrep book? I'm strongly considering using the 2018 version to study for my NAPLEX this year unless there are huge differences.
  4. P

    Naplex September 2018

    Hi guys, SD helped me a lot when it came to studying advice prior to taking my NAPLEX exam. I thought I'd pay it forward and offer some studying advice based on my own experience. A little about me: I was an aggressively average student with a 3.1 gpa from a reputable pharmacy program. My...
  5. P

    RXPREP Question Bank

    Looking for RxPrep Question bank. PM me if available
  6. S

    Selling RxPrep Question Bank

    Question bank expires August 7th, 2018. I thought these questions were amazing practice for the actual NAPLEX - definitely helped me pass with a great score and I didn't feel stressed during the exam which was the best part :) Price is $100 but I'm willing to negotiate! I just don't want the...
  7. A

    RxPrep 2017

    RxPrep 2017 edition with no markings $100
  8. A

    For Sale RxPerp and CPJE law book sale

    Hi guys, Selling RxPrep 2017 and CPJE Law (by RxPrep). They are good condition, no damage, and few light writings (2 pages). If you pick up at San Diego area, its $85 and $45, together $110. For shipping, $90 and $50, together $130. Online courses are not included. Let me know if you are...
  9. R

    LOOKING FOR Current RxPrep 2018 Online Course Access!!

    Hello! Wanting to buy the RxPrep Online Course videos and test bank. TIA!
  10. L

    For Sale RxPrep 3,500+ NAPLEX Question Test Bank 2017

    I have access to the online test bank until 10/30/17. Selling for $99. Please message me if you are interested. Thanks!
  11. P

    For Sale Selling RXPrep 2017 review book & RxPrep Online test bank

    RxPrep 2017 like-new review book & RxPrep 3500+ test bank subscription (exp. 1/6/18) available for purchase!! You could always re-sell the test bank as soon as you pass your NAPLEX
  12. M

    Need Rxprep 2017

    Looking for Rxprep 2017 book for reasonable price. Located in California.
  13. S

    For Sale RxPrep California Law Summary for CPJE 2017 Edition **NEW BOOK**

    Hi, This book is brand new with no mark ups. Selling for $70 (includes shipping). The same book is selling for $90 on amazon and $80 on eBay. PM if interested.
  14. C

    My NAPLEX experience w/ RX Prep *Guide to triple digits*

    First off, I'd like to thank those on the forum who provided their test experiences to help me through this difficult time of my life. To return the favor, I'll post my experience to maybe help someone out there reading. So my test was August 6 and I didn't start study until a couple of days...
  15. A

    For Sale RxPrep 3500+ Naplex Test Bank

    Selling access to RxPrep test bank. Still has around 35 days left on. Selling for $75. Please message me if interested.
  16. batteen1

    RxPrep -Brand New in plastic ---> $125

    Brand New 2017 RxPrep Course Book (still in plastic) Selling for $125 with shipping included. If interested, please PM me your venmo ID and the address where you want it shipped. I will ship within 24 hours. Thanks!
  17. PharmDcandidate

    PharmPrep MPJE Study Group

    Hi everyone! We wanted to create a place where students studying for the MPJE exams can connect with other students in their area and form study groups, share study tips and compare notes. To avoid loss of your license, do NOT post copyrighted material (e.g., from any of the Prep Course Books)...
  18. A

    RxPrep - LIVE course in NJ???

    Hi everyone, So I might be a sucker, but I'm attending this live 3 day crash course thing rxprep is having in NJ. Does anyone know anything about this? Is it worth it? Waste of money? Thanks
  19. Expired Pharmacist

    Are practice questions enough for the New Naplex?

    Hi All For people that took Naplex recently, I work full time job plus kids, didn't study since 2012, I bought all the new materials, do you think studying Rx prep quiz bank & all other Q&A books will be enough to pass?? please share your experience if the actual test questions are similar...
  20. P

    My experience with the 2017 NAPLEX and study info

    So I was a 2016 graduate from a 3 year program in which I started in 2012. I ended up taking a 1 year break between the 2nd and 3rd year. After I graduated, I took the NAPLEX about 9 months later. I had some stuff come up with family which didn't allow me to take it right after graduation...
  21. jamesdt

    Advertisement Free beta access to new pharmacy calculations study tool

    TL;DR Sign up for free beta access at practicepharmacycalculations.com Hey I'm a new user here (first post ever), but this seemed like a good place to share what I've been working on lately, and I'd love some help from the sdn community. I've been developing a service for practicing...
  22. M

    For Sale RXPREP Course Book 2016 *BRAND NEW*

    I am selling a BRAND NEW never used 2016 rxprep book. All you need to pass naplex and the clinical portion of CPJE. DM for pricing.
  23. P

    For Sale 2016 RxPrep Book

    Used 2016 RxPrep book for sale. It is well worn and used. will throw in a study guide for CPJE for good measure. PM me for pricing
  24. A

    Looking for rxprep 2016 book

    Hi. anyone willing to sell their used rxprep 2016 book? thanks
  25. RxPrepTeam

    DISCOUNTED Group RxPrep Book

  26. E

    RxPrep testbank

    Please is anyone selling the RxPrep testbank valid till October.....please private message me or send me an email on [email protected]
  27. I

    RxPrep Course Book for the NAPLEX and CPJE (2016 Edition)

    Brand New. Never Used. $165 + shipping cost.
  28. doe_eyed

    RxPrep 2016's TOPSELLER List - why are #s missing?

    Hello, So if anyone has the latest RxPrep book for 2016, have you noticed that the Topseller List located at the back of the book has numbers missing and/or duplicated? For example, there are two #40s and two #70s. #40(1) Ciprofloxacin, oral #40(2) Levothyroxine #70(1) Advair Diskus #70(2)...
  29. ElleTori

    Passed MPJE for Indiana using RxPrep, March 2016

    Just found out today that I passed the MPJE for Indiana!! Wanted to let anyone studying know what I used: RxPrep, Dr. Wilson's notes, and the IN Chapter from Pharmacy Law: Examination and Board Review. I was skeptical about using RxPrep, since I hadn't seen much written on the forums about...
  30. ElleTori

    Naplex 2016, Taken end of February

    Just found out I passed the Naplex this morning!! :) Wanted to send out some encouraging words to everyone out there who is struggling through the material and let you know how I studied. Whether you have been out of the profession for some time or are currently graduating, it is possible to...
  31. doe_eyed

    What is current 180 question 2016 NAPLEX like?

    Hi, So I'm very confused over the current state of the NAPLEX. I think it's great news that the exam won't officially be changing to the longer 240 question version until later this year. However, that still leaves me wondering what exactly the test is like now? I will be taking the NAPLEX...
  32. ElleTori

    Indiana MPJE: Study Buddy

    Looking to see if anyone would like to partner up and study for the Indiana MPJE. Would also appreciate any information on helpful study guides. Currently have Dr. Wilson's packet and RxPrep. Thanks!
  33. doe_eyed

    NAPLEX studying - love slides? Try this combo that isn't titled "RxPrep is awesome"

    DISCLAIMER: I have not retaken NAPLEX yet, so this is just how I feel thus far. I will obviously comment at a later date with a score update. I believe my problem stems from applying information and connecting the dots. Classes at my college were taught higgledy-piggledy. Monday- PMS...
  34. PharmDelight

    For anyone taking the NAPLEX - it's the new one

    If you're tired of reading the "happy advice" threads posted by people who like to pretend they failed but then somehow score a 130 and repeat the same Bu****** advice over and over again, then read this for the truth (I just left exam at noon): So I literally just left my exam. I will be...