1. I

    What would be my chances to gain admittance to DO schools?

    Hello, I am a resident of WV. My top two schools to apply to are Marshall University JCESOM (MD) & WVSOM (DO) in Lewisburg. I plan on applying to only a few more DO schools but only 1 MD. My current undergraduate cgpa is 3.31 & bcpm gpa is 3.4 & a mcat of 495. I plan on retaking my mcat this...
  2. M


  3. chemdoctor


    Hello everyone. I want to find out if some courses will count towards my science GPA. I understand that this goes based on the course catalog description at my college as opposed to the course code but there are some courses that I was told by my advisor and fellow premeds that count towards my...
  4. LCRUF

    Calculating Science GPA for Dental School

    Hey guys, I need some help on how to calculate my science GPA! Also, I have to re-take Physics 2 lecture so will the grade I receive when I re-take the course get averaged into my first attempt or is the latest attempt the one that counts towards my science GPA? Thank you in advance:)
  5. Dhudez

    Counting Some Psych Classes Towards Science GPA?

    Hey Everyone, I know this has been discussed before, but I was looking at the the science course list for 2010-2011 and it looks like they have Cognitive Psychology (Any Department) listed as a science course. Is this accurate? It also says statistics from any department would count towards...
  6. Rozzieray

    Science courses

    What are some good upper division science courses to take in order to increase my science GPA before reapplying? I'm trying to decide on which one to takeand more options or recommendations would be great to look into.
  7. I

    Advice to Raise GPA- Gap Year

    Hello everyone, I am entering my last semester of undergrad with a BS in Bio. My cumulative GPA is 3.6, but science GPA is lower about 3.4. I will be taking a Gap year, should I take some undergrad courses to raise the GPA, since I will be applying in the summer (they wont really affect my GPA...
  8. D

    How can i get my science GPA with a business BA already

    Hi, I got business BA abroad ten years ago. I am thinking to change my career in the U.S. and go to dental school 2-4 years later. But I have never taken science courses before. I know if I apply a dental school, I need BA degree plus science course GPA plus DAT score.So I want to go to college...
  9. Brigg

    Do these classes count as BCPM?

    I need to raise my science GPA after getting C's in organic chemistry, would these count towards the science GPA? Thanks! (the BSC prefix makes me think it's a biology class but the descprition...not so much), If I were to take botany, ecology, zoology classes to raise my science GPA would that...
  10. B

    Do medical schools compare science GPAs of different majors? How?

    Just out of curiosity, do med schools differentiate between engineering, chemistry, and other majors whose curricula would affect their science gpas? If so, how? I would imagine engineering, chemistry, physics and other physical sciences would have lower science gpas than health sciences.
  11. B

    Would human genetics count toward my science gpa?

    The class is called "human genetics" but it is offered by the anthropology department at my school (I don't know why). I got an A, so I really want it to count. Could it be considered Biology?