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  1. LindaAccepted

    Medical What’s New at SUNY Upstate Medical School? [Episode 322]

    Interview with Jennifer Welch, Associate Dean of Admissions & Financial Aid at SUNY Upstate Medical University [Show Summary] In today’s episode we talk with Jennifer Welch, Associate Dean of Admissions and Chief Enrollment Officer at SUNY Upstate Medical. Jennifer shares information on the new...
  2. LindaAccepted

    Medical Tufts University School of Medicine Secondary Application Essay Tips [2019 – 2020]

    Tufts describes their fundamental mission as promoting human health, with an emphasis on leadership and clinical care. They are looking for students with a strong background in the fundamentals of science who also want to apply that work in a clinical setting. The school’s curriculum emphasizes...
  3. LindaAccepted

    Medical Duke University School of Medicine Secondary Application Essay Tips [2019 – 2020]

    Duke University’s Medical School is ranked 8th among its peers with a focus on interdisciplinary learning. They aim to use medical research to solve global problems. Duke emphasizes diversity, inclusion, and attention to community health problems. The secondary application questions ask you to...
  4. C

    Help With Diversity Essay

    Unfortunately, I did not make the smart decision of pre-writing my diversity essay. I have received a couple of secondaries and am beginning to work on them now. My app isn't verified yet though, so I'm hoping to really nail down my diversity essay before they start flooding in. One idea I had...
  5. Cracking Med Admissions

    Medical FREE Cracking Med School Admissions book

    Hi Pre-Meds! Every Wednesday in March, we'll be doing a raffle and giving away a FREE Cracking Med School Admissions book. Learn HIGH-YIELD tips to get into med school! To apply for the raffle, reply to this thread with a question about medical school applications OR message us. Our next...
  6. S

    Secondaries - Hardship/struggles essay

    So I’ve read on other threads not to mention any struggles with anxiety/stress because it shows you might have these issues during medical school as well. But then that leaves me with what do I respond to these essay prompts? Specifically I’m talking about the Rowan SOM prompt: Please describe...
  7. MMF84

    Wasn’t expecting a secondary, now what?

    I had already applied to several schools this year before my MCAT score had been released and unfortunately I absolutely bombed my MCAT. 487 to be exact. A close family member passed away a few days before my test but I chose, rather unwisely, to attempt the exam. Obviously I had already...
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  9. Neoneji123

    Secondary Help...suggestions greatly appreciated!

    Hi Guys! I've begun receiving some DO secondaries and I started work on them. Finished with CCOM's. A lot of the questions have an overlap (such as why here or diversity question). I was wondering if someone would kindly read my first secondary I wrote and give me a critique on it. It will help...
  10. D

    Columbia secondary: In what collegiate extracurriculars did you engage?

    Are they only referring to activities that are affiliated with the college? These are some of the activities I wanted to include: Non-profit co-founder and president Internship at hospital through my school School organization member Research Meditation Jewelry making (but I've been...
  11. H

    Reapplicant questions: Personal statement, activity description, & secondary apps

    Hello, I'm a re-applicant due to a low MCAT score as well as applying too late in the cycle (called some schools that rejected me and found this out). A school told me that my experiences were "good", and some other schools seemed to like my personal statement, but I'm reading on here and on...
  12. LindaAccepted

    Medical Yale School of Medicine Secondary Application Essay Tips

    “The mission of Yale School of Medicine is to educate and inspire scholars and future leaders who will advance the practice of medicine and the biomedical sciences.” As a top ten research institution, Yale is not simply interested in training students to practice good medicine. They are...
  13. LindaAccepted

    Medical Stony Brook University School of Medicine Secondary Application Essay Tips

    Stony Brook SOM is located in New York. It has a three-part mission that includes research, education and service. For students interested in applying to SBU SOM, you will need to do thorough research and use secondary sources to learn more about the school. If it is one of your top choices or...
  14. M

    Mention 3 MCATS as a weakness in application on secondaries?

    Hey everyone. So I have taken the MCAT 3 times. In the summer of 2016 I scored a 509 (128/124/129/128) and in May 2017 I scored a 507 (127/125/127/128). I re-took at the end of July and am expecting nothing short of a 515. (I never took the unscored AAMC before and scored low 90's % overall days...
  15. LindaAccepted

    Medical Drexel University College of Medicine Secondary Application Essay Tips

    Drexel University’s main campus is located in Philadelphia, PA and, overall, the school has about 1,000 medical students. The school emphasizes the intersection between research and clinical care and has research centers for nanomedicine and neuroengineering. Drexel’s clinical care practice...
  16. anatomicalagb


    I have sent my AMCAS on 7/12 but it isn't verified yet and I have not received any secondaries, is that normal?
  17. LindaAccepted

    Medical Boston University School of Medicine Secondary Application Essay Tips

    BUSM’s MD Program offers students the opportunity to work with patients beginning in their first year of medical school. Students will receive their clinical training at the prestigious Boston Medical Center, which has the largest trauma center in the Northeast. Students also have the option of...
  18. LindaAccepted

    Medical University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine Secondary Application Essay Tips

    This medical school is looking for student leaders from diverse backgrounds who demonstrate a strong scientific foundation, thrive in team settings, and find solutions to complex issues. In this secondary application, I recommend focusing on what makes you a unique applicant – your love of...
  19. spotted_drum

    Secondaries General Advice

    Just looking for some general advice on writing secondaries. If there is already some big thread about it, will someone please post the link? I couldn't find it. Looking for: What to never say/topics to never touch What makes a good passion/adversity/diversity/advocacy essay Do they want us to...
  20. LindaAccepted

    Medical Secondary Strategy: Why Do You Want To Go Here?

    One of the most popular secondary questions asked by medical schools is “why our program?” Saying why you’re attracted to a particular school can be a hard thing to explain, especially when you’ve looked at so many programs that they’ve all begun to blur. I think that’s why I so often see the...
  21. F

    CCOM, AZCOM: more info needed

    hey guys, I received a secondary from CCOM but for their first question, I am just struggling to find more information about their program and specifics on their websites. For current students/previous applicants, is there more you can tell me about that school that is not on their websites?
  22. coollime21

    Thoughts on Diversity Essay for Secondary Applications?

    Hello everyone, I am a new member to SDN and this is my first post! Its so exciting! Anyways, I applied for 2018 cycle (M.D.). I need some ideas about what to write for my diversity essay. I am an American citizen (my dad is from California) who was born and raised outside of US. I came to US...
  23. inGenius Prep

    Medical How to write stand-out secondary applications

    Look through our full article on SDN here! The Art of Writing Med School Secondaries - Student Doctor Network 5 Tips You Must Implement on your Secondaries There are tons of articles explaining the generic to-do’s and not-to-do’s for secondaries, so I won’t spend a ton of time on them. There...
  24. LindaAccepted

    Medical Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine 2016-17 Secondary Application Essay Tips

    Case Western is located in Cleveland, Ohio with four teaching hospitals in the area and a student run clinic. They are ranked #25 for research and #60 for primary care by U.S. News and World Reports. They accept 155 students each year. Classes are pass/fail in the first two years. Students are...
  25. LindaAccepted

    Medical Penn State College of Medicine 2016-17 Secondary Application Essay Tips

    Penn State College of Medicine offers an accelerated program for students interested in primary care to complete their training in three years. It provides an interdisciplinary training environment for students from their medical school, physician assistant program and nursing school to train...