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  1. Sage of Pale Bones

    Thoughts/Reviews about the 2019 Nymeria/SDN 100-Day MCAT study plan for those who used it.

    Hello! I had a few questions about the 100 day study plan and would love to get feedback/ general thoughts from those who followed it this cycle! 1: I hear TBR is too in depth. Did you think so? 2: Did you do content review from KAPLAN, and questions from TBR or both from TBR and...
  2. M


  3. J

    First time mom needing advice on how to prep for MCAT while working full-time & parenting an infant

    Hello, I am a 31-year-old first time mother to a 9-month-old boy. My passion is medicine and couldn’t imagine myself in a different profession other than becoming a doctor in the future. I’ve planned for a perfect (traditional, as they call it) journey to fulfilling my dream but of course, real...
  4. E

    MCAT books very cheap

    TPR - 2009 Hyperlearning MCAT Science Workbook TBR - 2013 Ochem Parts 1 and 2 TBR - 2013 Bio Parts 1 and 2 TPR - Bio and Biochem review 2015 TPR - Psych and sociology Examkrackers 16 mini MCATs Not sold separately. Asking $30 for all listed, which covers the cost for shipping 2 medium sized...
  5. N

    Please critique my self-study plan

    Hi guys. I'm a long-time lurker here and the time has come for me to make my own self-study plan. I fell in love with the schedule posted by @littlebear92 for its incorporation of many FLs, break days, and official AAMC materials. Without further ado, you can access my study plan below (only...
  6. V

    What content is missing from The Princeton Review review books?

    I have the full set of TPR books, but I heard that TPR doesn't have all the content covered on the MCAT. Do y'all know which specific kind of content is missing? And if y'all do, which specific books should I seek out to fill in those gaps?
  7. MCAT Self Prep

    MCAT MCAT Tip: How to Study on Your Own for the MCAT

    Can I study on my own for the MCAT? According to the AAMC, almost half of the students that take the MCAT study for it on their own. While most test prep companies will try to sell you on the idea that you need their $4,000 program to succeed, this just isn’t the case. Our analysis of over 50...
  8. 1

    Prep Books for 12 month Studying Schedule?

    I'm a sophomore right now and I'm planning on studying for the MCAT for about 11-12 months. I have already taken all the prerequisites and am taking biochem junior year. My plan is to use EK complete set to review since I heard that they are brief. Then later on in the year use BR. However...
  9. medicaldalliance

    Selling MCAT Prep (TBR, TPR, Hyperlearning, EK 1001); Competitive Pricing

    Hello! I used every book I listed below to study for my MCAT and was pretty successful (95+ percentile) - please feel free to PM me for prices, for additional information about the state of specific books, ask for additional photographs, and even my exact score (rather not share it publicly)...
  10. C

    For Sale PCAT Study Guides and Practice Tests with July 2016 Updates

    I am glad that I do not need to take the PCAT again, so I have no need for the materials anymore. Someone please take them off my hands for a reasonable/negotiable price. Absolutely no highlighting or marks. Message me if interested.
  11. M

    For Sale Selling TBR 2015 set, Examkrackers set, TPR Psych/Soc

    No markings/highlighting. I bought everything brand new and took good care of them. Took it in June, pretty solid score - 95 percentile. Feel free to PM me. I'm selling: -2015 TBR science books (8 books total - Bio I & II, O Chem I & II, Gen Chem I & II, Physics I & II) -9th ed Examkrackers...
  12. MedicalMermaid

    Need help making a MCAT study plan

    Hello everyone! Here is some background info: I will be graduating this month and am taking some pre-reqs before applying next cycle (May 2017). I am taking physics in the summer and OchemII in the fall because they were not offered together. I am also going to be shadowing during the summer...
  13. E

    MCAT Prep Books

    I have a lot of like new and used condition MCAT prep books so select the ones you want and make a fair offer. Princeton Review 2015 -Biology/Biochemistry (like new condition) -Psychology/Sociology (like new condition) Princeton Review (pre-2015 versions) -Hyperlearning MCAT Science Workbook...
  14. MeVamp

    The MeVamp Protocol: A Low-Stress Organizational Framework for MCAT Self-Study

    The MeVamp Protocol: A Low-Stress Organizational Framework for MCAT Self-Study How long should I study for the MCAT? There are way too many variables at play to definitively answer this question. However, 480 hours of sincere effort seems to be the minimum amount of time to consistently...
  15. M

    Retake Ochem 1?

    hey everyone! how much of Ochem 2 builds on o chem 1? The reason I'm asking is that I’m trying to decide if i should retake ochem 1, not necessarily to get a better grade (I got a C), but because if it builds into o chem 2 a lot, i would rather do o chem 1 again, just so I don't struggle in o...
  16. R

    When should I buy the Dr. Collins self study packet?

    I plan on taking the PCAT around September 2016. I was thinking of buying the self study packet, but I want to get the most recent, updated version. So when should I purchase that? Is it around the time when the live classes start? Thanks in advance!
  17. C

    Which MCAT Prep Course to take?? MCAT Date: 04/01

    All comments are welcome. A little about me: Took the previous MCAT twice, scored a 26 and bombed the second time around--as you can tell, my confidence is at 0. The two previous times I took the MCAT were during/directly after the semester. Now, after finally graduating and taking some time for...
  18. F

    Self-study while full-time working for pre-med. Need help!

    I am new on this forum and I don't know if this is the right thread to ask my question so please excuse me on this. I am a recent physics graduate (bachelor's degree) and I am currently working. Next year I am planning to go an MSc in Medical Physics (because it is cheaper than pre-med school...