social media

  1. K

    Profanity Online

    Hey everyone, I've been thinking about starting a podcast and I wanted to know specifically how profanity in the podcast would look, especially going into medical school and residency further down the line. The profanity would obviously not be directed at any individual or pertain to any sort...
  2. F

    Social Media etiquette/protocols?

    Hey guys, I was about to quote an ignorant politician's tweet, call her a few curse words, and leave my opinion on why her statement is wrong. If you're wondering what she tweeted, she was basically saying wearing face masks during this pandemic is bad because excessive use of it can cause...
  3. mdphd123j

    Following Schools on LinkedIn

    Does anyone have a list of med schools that check your LinkedIn profile? I follow several schools whose research I am interested in, but not all schools on my list. I am concerned that schools will think I am not interested and reject me if they view my public profile and see that I am not...
  4. LindaAccepted

    Medical Medicine, Mom, and Social Media: An Interview with Dr. Dana Corriel [Episode 301]

    Interview with Dr. Dana Corriel, Internist and Founder of SoMeDocs [Show Summary] It’s not often you hear from a doctor who has consciously taken time to “smell the roses.” Dr. Dana Corriel shares how she keeps balance in her life while practicing medicine, raising a family, and managing a...
  5. Fishy fish

    Social Media + Decision process

    Two questions: 1. Do members of the admissions committee ever google or check social media accounts of their applicants? 2. What is the decision process like at medical schools? Are decisions made soon after the interview is over or after several meetings and discussions?
  6. TelemarketingEnigma

    Etiquette For Joining Class Facebook Group?

    For people in the lucky position of having multiple acceptances (or one acceptance but future interviews), do you join the accepted students facebook group for schools where you're not 100% sure you'll attend? Or wait until you've committed somewhere and join only that one? I'm not...
  7. Cura_te_ipsum

    Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation? - The Atlantic

    We see it in medical students: immature developmental social skills, lack of skill sets to interact with patients and peers, playing on their laptops / phones during lectures, heads buried in their electronic devices during clinical rotations and rounds, terrified to meet with faculty to address...
  8. envirodoc

    Anesthesia Blogs

    Hey Everyone - just wanted to share a resource with you all and hopefully prompt some social media sharing. How many people out there blog or write regularly on a social media platform about Anesthesiology? or about any aspect of medicine? I did a conference presentation on the Anesthesia...
  9. YungGeezy

    Social Media

    So I know this has been covered extensively and it's safer to be cautious but do adcoms really take the time to look at applicant's social media? Is this more of a possibility later on in the process, when deciding whether or not to give an interview?
  10. OnePunchBiopsy

    ERAS: So begin the social media name changes.

    All my friends filling out ERAS for residency have started changing their names on Facebook. I have very stringent privacy setting on my profile. Two questions: 1.) Should I change my name? 2.) If I should change my name, what should I change it to? Please keep all responses professional (LOL)
  11. F

    Privacy or publicity?

    With Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, linkedin, Snapchat, etc. I think many people can be googled or searched on multiple social media sites. But the big question is, should I publicize everything I do on the internet or should I keep everything private? I've researched around some forums and it...
  12. R

    Good social media blocking apps?

    I'm looking for an app for my iPhone that disables Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. I want to be able to access these apps during the evening, but not during the day while I should be studying. I'm sure everyone agrees that these apps are distracting, and like it or not, we are all a bit...
  13. Yamhead

    Could making a popular medical/premedical page on Instagram possibly help with admissions?

    I'm just wondering if it would add up to my profile to make a medical social media page. It would be mainly about the progress of medicine these days, premed/med student motivation, etc. Considering I can get it to be popular, do you think admissions would see it as a plus having 25k+ followers...
  14. G

    Pediatricians, what are your thoughts on patients filming you while you work?

    Okay so..... this is the era of technology and social media. I was sedating a toddler, and the parents were very nervous. I did allow them to stay in the room. At some point, without my knowledge, the father pulled out his phone and started videoing everything that I and sedation team were...