1. P

    Help me decide: USC vs. Lincoln Memorial University?

    USC vs. Lincoln Memorial University? I am from California and I live about an hour away from USC. I am interested in specializing (perhaps OMFS or dental anesthesia) but not committed. However, this may change as I explore other options in dental school. I really want to be close to my family...
  2. 7

    P/F Schools and Implications on OMFS

    I was wondering since the main criteria of matching into OMFS is based on Class Rank + CBSE score with a good amount of EC (Externship, Research, LOR), how exactly does a H/P/F or P/F school help or hurt you. I've noticed a lot of the top Dental Schools for matching into OMFS tend to be P/F...
  3. Gooser2019

    ER Medicine....to specialize or not to specialize

    Colleagues! As a 4th year student, I've been struggling with what I want to do after graduation. A little background... A couple years ago I thought I really wanted to be a surgeon. After gaining some experience with board-certified surgeons and surgical practice, I gained a lot of respect...
  4. C

    D1 Am I on the right path to specialize?

    Hi SDN! First let me apologize for posting a thread of a topic with so many posts. But I need some advice. About to start the winter term of my D1 year. I am okay with doing general dentistry going forward, but I am definitely interested in pediatrics. Currently attending a non ivy P/F...
  5. HopefulDoc91

    Is not shadowing a primary care doc hurting my app?

    I know how much DO emphasizes primary care, so would it hurt my app if I don't shadow a primary care doc? I worked with radiologists for 1 year, and I have been working for an orthopedic surgeon for 7 months now. I also shadowed a cardiologist, pulmonologist, and infectious disease doctor. I...
  6. M

    Can't DOs just attend a AOA residency if they want to specialize?

    I may be a naive pre-med, but I have read a lot about how it is difficult to specialize if you go to a DO School because ACGME residences will automatically rank you below MD counterparts, even if you have higher board scores. BUT for DOs that would like to specialize, can't they just go to an...
  7. B

    Does Undergrad Research Help to Specialize

  8. T

    Is it worth it to specialize?

    I am very interested in OMFS and have been wanting to become one since middle school. The problem is I am scared about the debt from dental school and that it will keep acrueing throughout a residency if I specialize. Can anyone help with opinions or experience please?
  9. S

    To specialize in perio or not?

    Dear Dentists of SDN, I am currently a 3rd year dental student, who is very interested in specializing in perio. I am interested in gaining insight about how periodontists are currently performing in private practice. I understand that the private conventional perio office might not be as...
  10. Mr.Scalpel

    How well do these dental schools do in terms of specializing (OMFS)?

    Let me start by saying that I am aware of the implications of specializing and that I understand that you CAN specialize from ANY school and people do it all the time and that it depends almost exclusively on you and your hard work and dedication to your future goals. Also, In terms of applying...