1. S

    Medical Scribe/Intern Opportunity in the Bay Area, CA

    This is an exciting opportunity for the aspiring medical student, during a gap year between undergraduate studies and medical school, to assist in the treatment of patients in the heart of Silicon Valley as part of a busy Workers Comp Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Pain Management, Sports...
  2. C

    Must read books for MSK/Anatomy as a PM&R Resident

    Hey everyone, Current PM&R resident--I have been searching the forums for an updated guide to what some good books/resources are to better understand MSK and accompanying anatomy. Would greatly appreciate some suggestions/advice, thanks in advance!
  3. D

    Playing Sports during undergrad

    I'm a second year undergraduate student. I have gotten my shadowing hours, I have a 3.7 GPA, Im doing 2 internships over the summer, I'm also getting volunteer hours next semester, and I was thinking about joining the cross country team next fall. Would this benefit me at all or would I just be...
  4. betalactam

    DIII sports and MCAT studying?

    I was considering joining track and field and cross country when I transfer to a four-year as junior. However, since this is the year that I will be taking the MCAT as well as volunteering weekly at a hospital, would doing a Division III sport be too much? Can anyone speak to the time commitment...
  5. T

    Any new information on these sports & Spine fellowships?

    Anyone have any new information on the following places as sports and spine fellowships? HSS Spine & Sports Medicine Penn Spine & Sports Medicine Desert Spine & Sports - Phoenix, AZ Cleveland Clinic MSK fellowship Johns Hopkins Spine & MSK The Spine and Sports Center (Houston, TX with Dr...
  6. A

    Exos Clinical Affiliation

    Has anyone on here applied for a clinical affiliation with EXOS? I'm in the process of applying and am looking for pointers, how difficult it was to get a rotation or to hear about their experience!
  7. rs_med_student

    Physiology Tips Needed:)

    Hello. i am a first year med student. i just finished my general physiology class and i did very well in it. we used Guyton & Hall as a source...a classic and i love it i wanna ask what are the best chapters Guyton is known for? and what are the chapters/subjects that are best studied from...
  8. P

    Club Sports Team

    I was on a very intensive club sports team during college for 3 months and I quit due to an injury. Would including this activity on my application be risky since it's not something I stuck with/might suggest lack of commitment to ADCOMs?
  9. K

    Creighton vs Miami

    Does anyone have any advice when choosing between two schools? I have recently been accepted at both Creighton and Miami and I can't decide which to choose! It would be very helpful if anyone could provide some of the pros/cons of either school from personal experience if possible! What kind of...
  10. S

    Jobs after sports medicine

    Hey All! The question has been asked in a few other forums but now that we have a dedicated forum, I'll post a similar question. I will be starting a primary care sports med program this July. I didn't have a huge amount of interaction with non ortho sports guys in med school or residency. It...