stressed out students

  1. M

    advice needed!?

    Hello everyone, so right now I am in a dilemma and I am really confused about what would be the best approach to my issue. Right now I am a senior in college and I have a 3.2 GPA, due to the fact that I became extremely sick my junior year, which was a very sad time for me but it happens I am...
  2. H

    Need Advice

    This is my first post on SDN. I'm in a very specific situation, and any advice would be greatly appreciated. I would like to preface by saying that it is my dream to one day become a doctor. I am currently taking 2 labs, two second level science classes, and two electives. I am a full-time dual...
  3. S

    Extremely stressed, possibility of being kicked out of medical school

    I have an upcoming exam in a few days. This is the final exam of my first year of Medical school. I took a gap year because I didn't pass it at the end of last year and now I am about to do it again for the fourth time. This exam is written, consisting of 6 parts covering information on the...
  4. Z

    Crack the dat vs real exam please anyone who has taken the exam

    I spent lot of money buying crack the dat. My scores are keep coming out to 16 17 and 18 . But I never heard anyone talk about crack the dat and the real dat. Im getting confused and just stressed because i am not sure if the materials are good enough for me to takw the exam. I am actually...
  5. M

    Feel worried and guilty for leaving single parent away for medicine

    Hi everyone, I am very fortunate to be accepted by a DO school as an international student but as time approaches to matriculation date, I am becoming more worried and stressed for leaving my mom alone with all the responsibilities while traveling abroad for a career I worked so hard for. If...
  6. T

    Am i in a good position?

    Hello all, I am somewhat in a mid-college crisis and I would like to hear some of your responses with regard to the position that I am currently in. I began my college career as a Pre-PT major. I was doing exceptionally well (3.85 & 4.0 my first two semesters) and started to think maybe I can...
  7. B

    Chemistry undergrad feeling very hopeless

    This is my first time on this website, and I found it at a very good time because the past week has been one of the most hopeless. I'm a third year chemistry and psychology double major and I just finished my first midterms. My first two years were iffy and my GPA right now is 2.6 which upsets...
  8. CareerNumTwo

    What schools seem to have the happiest students?

    For all of you recently accepted dental students (or currently attending), what schools did you visit where students seemed genuinely happy to be there/not ridiculously stressed out? I know this is completely subjective and you may or may not have seen students on a good/bad day, but it's...