1. F

    First semester study strategies?

    Hello! Hoping this will also help other people as well. Wonder if students can link below their sites such as uworld, anki, and whatever else that helped them study or revise starting first semester. I just started medical school and UWORLD seems to complex at this time. Are there pre-made...
  2. Ebi.omfs

    Study in group for OMFS

    Dear OMFS residents and anyone who is interested in OMFS, I'm about to make a study group of people who wants to learn OMFS' textbooks, Article,... and asking questions and mentioning highlights and anything you think to be a great help to have a better society of OMFS in the future with lots of...
  3. M

    MD Please share your thoughts (very bitter international MD student)

    Hi fellow students! As title suggests I am actually not US based as I am a MD student at the International Medical School in Italy. I don't want to talk about studying abroad (which is why I didn't post in the forum dedicated to international students...), but rather I want to ask for your...
  4. H

    NEED ADVICE: Am I in good shape for the May MCAT?

    Hey all! So I'm basically studying for the MCAT and aiming for a May 24th test day, leaving me about 7 weeks. I have minimal commitments besides the MCAT until then, so I can basically dedicate 6-8 hours everyday. I took the Next Step FL #1 and scored a 505 (126/126/126/127). I still have a...
  5. N

    Dentistry vs Medicine ?

    Help me decide, please. Forget about the debts , salaries , years taken to graduate etc. I am concerned about the jobs themselves. I dont want to have less than 2-3 hours of free time a day. I also dont want to go to work in the middle of the night - I dont want bad sleep hours (not anything...
  6. B

    Why was my CARS score so low?

    Hi, I was reviewing my AAMC scored practice full length from a couple months ago, and it gave me a 121...but what I don't understand is that I answered almost 50% of the questions correctly...shouldn't this be closer to a 123? I'm really confused. I've improved since then, it's just...
  7. B

    What MCAT score will I need? Do I need to post pone?

    Hi, Freaking out here...I'm scheduled to take the MCAT September 9th, and I keep getting the same score (in order): AAMC scored: 505, Kaplan Full Length 3: 505, Next Step Full Length 3: 505 (can't remember my unscored exam, I took it a long time ago). My CARS on Kaplan was a 127, but my CARS...
  8. B

    Do I need to post pone to next year?

    Hi, I'm scheduled for the MCAT September 9th, and I'm applying to DO schools this cycle. I'm really scared for the MCAT. I just took Next Step 3: 505. Surprisingly enough, I took Kaplan full length 3 and got a 505. Took the AAMC scored exam before that, and I got a 505 as well. I'm worried...
  9. B

    Should I be worried about my Kaplan Full Length 3 score?

    Hey guys, Taking the exam on September 9th. The goal is a 506+. I took Kaplan full length 3, and scored a 505: 125/127/127/126. I usually do well on the B/B section and the P/S section (130 on AAMC scored)...but Kaplan's P/S section was so weird! I usually get a 126 on C/P (got a 126 on the...
  10. B

    New Plan of Attack for CARS? CARS course isn't working

    Hi, Does anyone have any strategies for CARS that have worked for them? (like how to easily find the main idea, timing, etc). I recently took a CARS course, and this really helped for doing the questions from the AAMC question packs. However, I took the scored practice exam from the AAMC and...
  11. B

    Feeling extremely stressed out, any advice?

    Hi, My MCAT is scheduled for July 22...but I don't feel ready at all. At the beginning of my studying, I was doing practice problems and content, but doing practice problems at the same time caused me slow my pace in terms of reviewing content. So I switched to content review, and here I am a...
  12. B

    Question about the Princeton Self-Paced Course?

    Hi, I just have a quick question for anyone that has enrolled in this course. The course description says that the course gives you thousands of practice questions. Are these practice questions discrete or passage-based? And are these questions organized by topic? Thank you.