summer courses

  1. A

    Question About Summer Courses - Physiology vs. Creative Writing

    Hi! I am a rising sophomore at Duke planning to take some summer courses. At my university, summer semester is broken up into two sessions. I am taking Orgo and Physics I w/calc the first session, and I am planning on taking Physics II w/calc and another course (I have to take two courses a...
  2. sasukeuchiha33

    Will top medical schools frown on only two biology classes?

    Hi all. So somewhere down the line if I maintain a high GPA, I would like to apply to top 20/ top 15 medical schools. Anyway, I've been told by my school that course rigor is a factor in med school admissions, and that my lack thereof would serve as hindrance to getting accepted at top schools...
  3. S

    Is it really that bad of an idea to take prereqs during summer?

    Hi everyone :) So I'm a half way non-trad student, trying to climb a ladder back up from the biggest hole ive dug in terms of gpa.. (maybe this point is not exactly necessary for my question...but wanted to be as clear as I can) One of my classmates who is in a similar situation just visited a...
  4. A

    Foreign Language Decision

    Hey everyone, this is my first post on SDN so I apologize if this is the wrong place to post this. I'm currently a pre-med freshman and am about to register for next year classes. I need to take foreign language classes to a certain level and am unsure of what to do. I have taken 5 years of...
  5. C

    MCAT without physics?

    Hey SDN, I'm a non trad undergraduate Bio minor who's finishing up their pre reqs while working/volunteering in a clinical setting. I'd really like to take the MCAT this summer because I've been studying for a few months, and have taken all the gen chem, o chem, and bio chem pre reqs this year...
  6. W

    Taking intensive Organic Chemistry 1 & 2 and Cell Biology at the same time

    Background: I completed my first semester of undergraduate school and just started the second semester. I took Gen Chem 1, Calc, Physics, and some gen ed, but I found myself going crazy because it seemed like I had nothing to do. I finished all my work well before deadlines and it got to the...
  7. C

    International student seeking advice for applying

    Hi, I am an international premed student studying at University of Ottawa and I plan on applying to medical schools in the next cycle. Right now I am about to begin my fourth semester at university. I started with a few advanced credits so I have 5 (15 credit) semesters left till my graduation...
  8. B

    Does this schedule sound impossible?

    I'm taking summer classes to catch up on all the courses I need to get done on time. I have a shadowing/internship opportunity for a dentist in a city other than the one I am going to college at, and I was going to take these courses at a easier 4 year university, since my school is pretty...