1. M

    CRC/Research Position or Teaching + PT PCT/CNA during gap years?

    Hi all, I'm looking for some advice -- unfortunately, this might be long so I apologize in advance. I graduated earlier this month with a BS in chemistry. I thought I had a job lined up as a CRC at a major research university which is an hour commute from home (not ideal), and HR was merely...
  2. HappyPerson

    Teaching before Medical School

    Hello! So I recently graduated with a bachelors in biological science, 3.47 gpa, Mcat 512. State of residence Michigan. I have 1 year of ER scribing, 1 year of primary care medical assistant, 100 hours hospital volunteer, volunteering at local religious institute for past 5 years, alongside...
  3. M


  4. T

    Teacher trying to become a doctor, please help! (Canada)

    Hey everyone! Here is my background: ~3.4 cGPA (life Sci- years; 3.7 in 4th year, lower in other years), completed my bachelor of education degree right after, however this degree was pass or fail, so no grades and strong ECs (a range of things, been committed to a few for a while). Writing the...
  5. T

    Leave teaching for medicine? Would love some unbiased advice.

    This is my first time posting here, so I apologize in advance for inevitably sounding ignorant. This might turn out to be a novel-length rant, but I would greatly appreciate any unbiased input I can get from anyone who has enough time to kill reading it. I am currently teaching first grade at...
  6. L

    Teacher in need of help - Post bacc or Community college

    I am new here, and I have become increasingly more discouraged to pursue medical school. Regardless, I still want to try to get in somewhere. I am currently a high school biology teacher and seeking advice on my next steps. I will probably teach for another year then either apply to a post bacc...
  7. KCraig

    What are some ideas for my gap year?

  8. purplegold86

    Other OT-Related Information Teaching to Occupational Therapy

    I was wondering if there was anyone who was a former teacher (special ed in particular) who was successfully admitted into an ot program. Do they take having a full time job into consideration? I am seeing people with 100+ hours when I only have 40 but in my field of work, I communicate with the...
  9. M

    Quitting Toxic Scribe Job

  10. A

    Schools that do NOT require Teacher Rec letter

    Anyone know of schools that don't require the teacher rec letter? I'm considering mostly Texas schools but would be willing for any out of state schools like NY, FL, CA, CO
  11. NotASerialKiller

    What's your plan B?

    If you don't get accepted (or for those in med school, if your school finds out about that thing you did in 2013) what other career will you pursue? I've heard it's a good idea to have that worked out, but personally all my eggs were in the medicine basket. The only other thing on the horizon...