1. D

    How to get into the tech field from medical school?

    Hi all. Rising MS3 here. I've always been interested in tech (self-proclaimed Apple fanboy here) and I've always had a fascination with tech companies and their health initiatives, Apple being the first that comes to mind. That's the general direction I'm looking to get involved with coming out...
  2. Sunflower44

    PT School Laptop Requirements

    Hi! I am a recently accepted PT student and am looking at getting a new laptop for PT school. I am not the most tech-savvy person so I am looking for any advice possible. I've heard really good things about the iPad Pro but am hesitant on switching from a laptop to a tablet. All advice/insight...
  3. E

    New tech dealing with a condescending staff pharmacist?

    Hi, I'm in need of some advice. I'm a recent grad since Spring 2019. I graduated with my chem degree and did a second major. I'm currently working as a pharm tech at a major retail chain before starting pharmacy school next year to gain as much knowledge, experience, and exposure as...
  4. F

    Will these grades matter???

    In 2012 (way before I was even considering med school), I attended a technical college for a marketing diploma. I ended up getting a great job opportunity and left, but didn’t drop my classes correctly, so I made 4 F’s. I’m back in college now, 5+ years later, and have a 3.85 (looking to improve...
  5. A

    PharmD student, no available internship positions, should I get CPhT?

    It seems like for every 1 pharmacy internship position, there are 20 tech position openings. After many applications and some interviews for internships, I've got nothing. I really only want to work at a health system and would really only consider community if I had nothing else (even then I'd...
  6. The Recoverer

    GUIDE on FINDING A Pharmacy Technician JOB for Pre-Pharmers (for dummies)

    Depending on the area you live in, finding a pharm tech job may be easy or close to impossible. A few years ago when I decided on pharmacy, I remember the drive I had to find a job in a pharmacy as a tech, heck even as a volunteer or a shadower. Bottom line, many applicants overlook the...
  7. sufferfromrealness

    Help! Inq. Surgical Tech

    Hey! Gonna be out of HS soon and was just researching hospital medical jobs for then. Well found something really great for experience and its all great. Surgical Technician. Well after being told it was something that could be done fresh out of HS I later found out that it wasn't really. Most...
  8. sufferfromrealness


  9. M

    Laptop/tablet/tech for pre-med/med school

    I am an incoming third year pre-med student. I have gotten by on an HP laptop for the past few years but am looking into "upgrading" my tech for more vigorous study. I currently use a samsung galaxy tab 4 10.1" for light academic use and more for personal use. Many med students seem to...
  10. H

    Passing the PTCE

    Hello, everyone! I just wanted to give some study tips for the PTCE and what I think really helps. I was really nervous about taking this exam and desperately searched this website on the best way to study, so I just wanted to put my method all in one place. I ended up being really confident...
  11. pfletcherhill

    PatientBank (Y Combinator funded startup) seeks paid reps

    PatientBank helps patients gather medical records. To date, we've helped over 10,000 patients access medical records from 40% of the hospitals in the country. PatientBank first launched at the Yale-New Haven Health System in 2015 and has been funded by Y Combinator. To help us reach more...
  12. S

    Pharmacy Technician application help!

    Hi all, I was trying to get the pharm tech certification and was mailed this letter: Does this mean I have to attach a new Self-Query Report from the NPDB and a new certified copy of PTCB certificate even though I had already sent in both before with the application? Also should I try...
  13. Cefuroxilimes

    Thinking of quitting CPhT job at Walgreens to work at Walmart...

    TL;DR: Currently work at Wags, but sorta just putting up with it. Nervous about changing flags to work for tiny neighborhood Walmart on my campus, but was my 1st choice and still is! Been about 4 months at wags. I've only been there 4ish/5ish months, afterall!
  14. Underwoa

    Phlebotomy and ACLS Course.

    I have been scouring the web for a reliable source that provides Phlebotomy and/or ACLS certification with no luck. Does anybody know of a good way to find this? If it matters I am located in Central Virginia. I was also wondering if you need BCLS cert to even attempt ACLS course or can you...