1. rcollinb

    Which Masters Program Should I Choose Before Dental School (POLL)?

    Out of these programs, which program would prepare me the best for dental school (in poll)? Which program would look the best to a dental school? I understand it depends on the success of the program, how well I could do, and what I enjoy, but I am looking for an outside opinion that I may not...
  2. rcollinb

    One year Masters before dental school question & advice!

    Hey folks! I hope all are well during the strange times. I just wanted to post my situation right now to see if any of y’all wouldn’t mind giving me some advice! I am just about to graduate and I did not gain a seat to dental school this cycle. It left me with a gap year to do something...
  3. M

    Do I have cavities?

    I apologize if this is out of place in this forum- but I’m new to this- and I don’t know another place where there are so many dentists/dental students that can give their input. I’m used to having good dental hygeine. I’m 19 and (apparently, up until now) have never had a cavity. I floss...
  4. Akam ahz

    Oral histology: cross section of the tooth

    Hello, I have a simple question. Does 'cross section' of a tooth means that we will have a look to the tooth from the facial aspect or the occlusal aspect? And does longitudinal section means that the view we will get is of proximal aspect? These conceptepts confuse me, and I hope someone...
  5. Andrew dentist

    Which '' Game of Thrones '' Character Has The Worst Teeth ??

    LETS Get The Game Started Guy i want you to Tell The name Of the Worst Teeth character & Why you think it is the worst among them all and Post a pic of him/her reflecting your opinion from the show Lets get the Wheel rolling
  6. S

    Non-Student, curious question about waxing up?

    I know this seems weird being on the studentdoctor forum when I’m not a student doctor. However, I’ve been enthusiastically learning about waxing stone models for the fabrication of ornamental pieces for teeth. In my attempts, I’ve had a good time adding, shaping, and carving wax as well as...
  7. Akam ahz

    Teeth Atlas

    Hello, I'm a first-year dental student, and I don't have lots of natural teeth to study on. So, I hope someone know an online teeth atlas which shows photos of all the teeth in oral cavity, in addition to the anatomy of the surface of each tooth. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!
  8. Akam ahz

    Understanding developmental groove in teeth

    Hello, I'm a first year dental student, and in my dentition book I came across the topic of "crown depressions" in which the author says about the developmental groove in posterior teeth: "Grooves act as spill ways for cusps during lateral and protrusive jaw motions." I don't get the...
  9. Mukmu

    *** The Official University of Florida Class of 2022 Interview/Acceptance Thread ***

    Don't see one for UF yet!
  10. ilovekitkat

    I created GetYourDentistOn.com as a free online mentorship site for pre-dental students! AMA!

    Happy New Years Everyone! My name is Dr. Katherine Loi. I am a current Army Dentist and graduate from USC Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry. As an army dentist, I frequently get asked a lot of questions about how to become a dentist. Using my own experience / frustrations during my...
  11. cuttie12390

    HELP--How to transport jar of teeth

    Hi everyone, I'm moving across the country by airplane in TWO days and am desperately hoping to get some suggestions on how to transport my jar of teeth. I can't find a leak proof jar... I don't want any bleach to leak out. The jar has about 30+ teeth and I need it for dental school. How...
  12. L

    Weird pain at the back of mouth + hives

    I extracted my top two wisdom teeth about three weeks ago and everything was ok, the dentist removed the sutures but about a week ago, there has been pain in the area at the back of my mouth when I drink water and chew food and yawn. And two days ago, I started to have hives on my neck and chest...
  13. FLVettrain

    Dentistry is how long?

    Hello, how long does dentistry take to complete? Tuition estimate? What about for Cosmetic dentistry? Like working on peoples teeth? What about to work as an Orthodontist Assistant?
  14. T

    Selling Acadental Typodont for CRDTS Prosthodontic and Endo Mankin Exam + Extra Endo teeth + burs

    Message if interested for pricing Used once for the 2015 CRDTS Fixed Prosthodontics and Endodontics Manikin Boards examination. Included: -Typodont with all breakaway quadrants and all new, unprepped Acadental teeth. Three extra #9's and one extra #5 dentoform teeth from acadental -23...