test date

  1. psyflgirl

    Adding new MCAT date to amcas

    Hello, I took the exam last month and I voided. I want to retake in August but I haven't scheduled yet because I want to be sure that I am at least near ready to take it and not waste the money again. My question is: Can I add my tentative mcat date to my amcas which is already verified or do I...
  2. G

    MCAT Test Date

    I have a score but it wasn't very good. I haven't submitted my primary application yet, but I am applying for the fall of 2019 cycle. I am schedule to take my next MCAT on August 3rd, but I feel as if im not ready. is taking the MCAT on August 31 too late??
  3. J

    Need advice please~

    Hi guys! I need advice on whether I should reschedule my MCAT date or not. I am currently signed up for the date of August 4th 2018. I have not started studying yet because I am still in school and I have so much school stuff to do and no time to study for the MCAT. I start my summer on June...
  4. A

    Kaplan course online passages SO HARD!! Please help

    I have 2016 The Berkeley Review books for content. I purchased the Kaplan self-study passages, which is kind of like an online qbank for the new MCAT. They also come in the Kaplan courses. The passages are ridiculously hard compared to TBR, for me at least. I am scoring 55-60% on the Kaplan...
  5. C

    AAMC FL practice test/ spoiler questions

    Are all the questions random and different for every person that person that purchases the AAMC FL1 and FL2? I'm asking this because I've seen ''spoiler questions'' for AAMC FL1 and FL2 posted by some SDNers in some of the threads. Please answer and thanks.
  6. texmex11

    One more day to decide: 6/30 vs. 7/21 test date?

    Hello, I took the MCAT in 2013 and received a score of 35. Unfortunately, it's expired at most schools I'm applying to. I just graduated from an MPH program, so now I'm studying to take the MCAT again this summer. Looking for some advice on my situation: --I've already submitted my TMDSAS and...
  7. D

    Does your program allow you to take the NPTE prior to graduation?

    Hi everyone! I attend a school in the midwest and at this time we are not allowed to take the NPTE on the April test date as we don't graduate until May. I know myself and some of my classmates are motivated to find a job/travel position right after graduation and it would really be a setback...
  8. A

    DAT date - too late?

    I have completed my pre-requisites for the DAT and I want to take it this summer and also apply. I want to take it around July 31-August 4 but I was wondering if that is too late in the application process. Specifically, is it late for University of Detroit Mercy and University of Michigan? What...
  9. H

    Earliest exam date for expected 2018 med school entry?

    Hello, If I plan on entering medical school in the year I graduate in the spring (2018), when is the earliest that I can take the MCAT so that adcomms would still accept the score? I was thinking September 2016. Thank you, Helen
  10. W

    Latest to take MCAT 2016 without hurting application

    I've seen some other threads on this topic but I can't seem to figure this one out. I'm signed up for the April 23rd date, so I get my scores before applying June 1st. Though I need more time to study. If I delay a month and take it May 20th, I'll receive scores June 20th. I'd still submit my...