1. S

    Lehninger 7th Edition

    Hi guys, I'm not sure if I'm in the right place, if I could I would put this thread elsewhere, but does anyone know if the 7th edition of Lehninger is comparable to the 5th edition? My biochem professor requires us to read the textbook and I only have the 5th edition. Thanks!
  2. Calicat16

    Textbooks or Handbooks for Clinical Year

    I won't be starting clinics until June, but Christmas is coming up and the only things I can think of when family asks what I want are things that may help me during that time. I have a mentor that highly suggested a certain handbook, but I was wondering if anyone that's been through their...
  3. thehopefulvet

    Recommendations for small animal anatomy/physiology books and resources?

    I'm taking human anatomy & physiology in my undergrad but in my current shadowing position at a veterinary surgical clinic I feel I would appreciate surgical procedures better if I had a more thorough understanding of, in my case, canine and feline anatomy and some basic physiology. I have been...
  4. N

    Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine Edition

    The previous editions are substantially less expensive than the current edition of Harrison's Principle of Internal Medicine. If I purchase the thirteenth edition of this book as opposed to the nineteenth edition, will I be missing any crucial information?
  5. Piglet2020

    Do I need my undergrad books in med school?

    I’m matriculating next yr and I want to sell all of my textbooks (orgo, gen chem, physics, bio, etc). I shouldn’t need these in med school right? Just want to make sure before I sell/give them all away. I barely use these textbooks for reference anyways (never used them for MCAT prep either).
  6. Acosi

    Geriatric psychiatry textbook suggestions?

    Hi all, starting a geriatric rotation in a month and would love to have a textbook to read along during the rotation. Anyone have any good suggestions?
  7. pikaboo

    Oral radiology

    Hey guys, my college has a very tough oral radiology course and I want to know what is the best textbook for oral radiology?
  8. mdvm

    Intro to Veterinary Medicine Book Recommendation

    I am working at a veterinary hospital as a veterinary assistant, and all the assistants and techs are far more knowledgeable than they were at my old hospital, so I was hoping to find a good all around textbook that goes over many of the basics of veterinary medicine. Things like anatomy, basic...
  9. G

    Suggestions for a good textbook on the ward managment of the orthopaedic patient?

    Hello, I'm starting my orthopaedics pre-specialisation in Belgium in a few months. The evaluation during the pre-specialisation greatly determines wether I will be granted a placement in the orthopaedics program. During my medical training I've had a 3 month rotation in different surgical...
  10. M

    Wanted: Osborn's Brain Textbook for $ or services

    I am in need of purchasing Osborn's Brain as seen here: I am willing to purchase at the $399 sticker price should anyone have a copy. Alternatively, I run a book scanning business and am willing to trade this book for $1,500 in free services. On average a 1,000 page book costs $30 or so. Thats...
  11. X

    What's the best textbook for organic chemistry?

    I am currently taking organic chemistry II, our prof said any book should be fine. I'm looking for a book that explains concepts well and has good built in problems. What do you think is good? Klein (2nd edition) Brown (7th edition) Janice Smith (2nd edition) Solomon Wade or any other...
  12. 297point1

    ASHP textbook recalled

    Not a good week- first the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 gets shelved for good, and now ASHP has issued a recall for one of their textbooks: Fundamentals of Geriatric Pharmacotherapy, 2nd Ed. There is a big red banner on the front of ashp.org announcing it- it looks like a hurricane warning. Why the...
  13. davethebarbarian

    MCAT Advice

    Should I keep my textbooks from college for the new MCAT or strictly use MCAT prep books?
  14. M

    Best book for medical Spanish?

    I am currently volunteering and shadowing at a free clinic for the uninsured. A large portion of our demographic includes patients who speak Spanish but cannot speak English very well. Due to budget restrictions, there is usually not a translator available unless a family member can come with...
  15. T

    Texbooks for British medical education?

    Which medical textbooks are used in UK vs US? I am a second year medical student and I have microbiology,pathology,Clinical medicine and pharmacology next semester. My uni does not give textbook reccomendations and leaves that all to us. Ive heard of the usual stuff used in US on this forum and...
  16. L

    MCAT CARS - where would you expect to find this passage?

    I'm studying for the MCAT, and I'm trying to find a pattern in the CARS section for the inference question, "In which of the following would one most reasonably expect to find this passage?" Based on one question, I got that the editorial page of a scholarly journal would be opinionated, but...
  17. H

    PCAT Dr. Collins (All Updates) & Kaplan 2015-16

    I'm selling the pcat dr. Collins with Fall 2014, January 2015, July 2015 updates for $120 The kaplan book has no markings in it the reference sheets were pulled out but still there. $40 Price can be negotiated Dr. Collins is pdf form Kaplan is a textbook