1. E


    How would you study? Do you prefer reading a textbook first, then answering practice questions, or do you go ahead and start practicing questions. I need ideas 💡
  2. MFateh2000

    How can you read a whole textbook in one month?

    I have read some threads on this forum and some students have written that they have read big Robbins in one month. How is this possible? How can one read around 40 pages in a single day while still being able to recall the information or even understand them to an enough extent? Any tips?
  3. T

    Pediatric Dentist board books for sale!!

    GREAT study material for boards!!! Looking to sell 2 pediatric dentistry textbooks, both hardcover, both in great condition. McDonald and Avery's Dentistry for the Child and Adolescent 2015 edition Pediatric Dentistry: Infancy through Adolescence, 6e by Arthur Nowak DMD, John R. Christensen...
  4. Sea Otter

    Most Useful Textbooks

    I am coming to the end of my residency and have extra money in my education fund that will disappear when I graduate. I’m looking to buy some textbooks that will be useful resources as an attending. Areas of interest for me are: - Acute inpatient rehab (will see a mix of stroke, TBI, SCI...
  5. D

    Does reading medical textbooks determine who will be a good doctor?

    The content in med school is too much and I don't like reading big textbooks. I don't have enough time to read bic textbooks. Does it mean that if I am passing my pre-clinical years by using High-yield resources and not reading textbooks that I won't be a good doctor? Some people say that in...
  6. A

    MD & DO Best way to get textbook PDFs to annotate?

    Is there anyway to get medical textbook PDFs that you can annotate on iPad? Whenever I get books on Amazon you can only highlight and make notes through typing only.
  7. Calicat16

    Textbooks or Handbooks for Clinical Year

    I won't be starting clinics until June, but Christmas is coming up and the only things I can think of when family asks what I want are things that may help me during that time. I have a mentor that highly suggested a certain handbook, but I was wondering if anyone that's been through their...
  8. Clint Westwood

    MD What are the Best USMLE Prep books and MSY1 Materials to have?

    What are the best USMLE prep books and books/study materials to have before starting MSY1?
  9. M

    Good resource for online medical school lectures? Lecturio? Kaplan?

    Hi guys, I currently attend a Canadian medical school that has little to no lectures. Is there a way to still be able to get a traditional medical education with online lectures? I don't mind paying for the resources but wanted good quality lectures that go in depth. I am doing this for my own...
  10. B

    Questions on Endocrinology

    Hello all, I'm not in med school (or will be) but I'm currently involved in reproductive systems research but I need to get some medical student type text books on endocrine system / (female)reproductive systems. Are there any solid recommendations on books to look into as a start? Thank you...
  11. Docmasi

    Textbook access in clinics

    I am recently graduated, but figured some tech savvy students might have a solution to a problem my (now former) classmates and I are having. I have around 500 digital textbooks/notes all in PDF form that I would like to have access to on a daily basis while in clinics. Since the back of...
  12. N

    Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine Edition

    The previous editions are substantially less expensive than the current edition of Harrison's Principle of Internal Medicine. If I purchase the thirteenth edition of this book as opposed to the nineteenth edition, will I be missing any crucial information?
  13. MarcusAureliusAntoninus

    Epidemiology study/prep material recommendations

    Hey everyone. I've been trying to do some leisure reading on epi and other public health related topics so I'll hopefully be sort of ahead/prepared for my epi mph in the fall. Are there any textbooks/websites/research papers/anything that y'all would recommend I read? Anything that in your...
  14. E

    What do you use to study for boards?

    What do palliative care fellows use to study for boards? On amazon I see some sample test kindle books for sale, but not many books for study. Is there something that fellows commonly use to study for boards, or review courses?
  15. Piglet2020

    For Sale $50 Selling Biology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Physics Textbooks and MORE!

    Selling: CHEM271 4th Ed Custom Edition $50 Organic Chemistry 5th ed + Soln Manual $100, can throw in Orgo As a Second Language for $10 if you buy the whole package Experimental Organic Chemistry 5th ed $50 Genetics Textbook, conceptual approach (5th ed) + Soln manual $65 Biochemistry...
  16. 8

    Coursework & Fieldwork OT Textbooks

    Hi!! So I was wondering if any of you found some of your textbooks from school to be useful, whether it's in school, for the boards, on fieldwork, or even while working. I've heard really good things about Pedretti's Occupational Therapy: Practice Skills for Physical Dysfunction and...
  17. CavsFan2016

    Textbook Advice

    I just started my M1 year and I keep having all these different textbook names thrown at me (pathoma, franks, First Aid, BRS, etc.) ON TOP of the required textbooks we have to buy for our classes. I'm beginning to feel overwhelmed. I know this has been asked before, but I thought it might be...
  18. N

    Books Needed, Help?

    Hi, I am a new PT student starting at NAU Phoenix Biomedical Campus. I was wondering if anyone had links or a dropbox that they could share with me if they had the following books. I have 7 books I need in total but already have 3 so need PDF's of just 4 more. If, not if you guys know...
  19. L

    Best Textbooks for otolaryngology residency programs

    Hi, I'm from Brazil, and I have started my ENT residency program this year, and I wonder what would be the best introductory books to study... If you also have any tips on more advanced books, it would be very helpful.
  20. KLS93

    MD & DO Useful Study Resources for M1 & M2 Years

    Hello fellow med students! I am a current M2 and have younger sibling who is preparing to begin M1 year this August. My brother has recently been asking me many questions about what books/sources he will need, so I figured I would pass this information on to the medical community at large --...
  21. M

    Gross Anatomy First Year DPT Program/Textbook Recommendation

    Hello everyone, I am wondering if first year DPT students or DPT students, in general, could recommend me an Anatomy textbook. I would like to review the material since I have some downtime at the moment. I am looking for a book that covers "functional anatomy of the back and limbs, including...
  22. S

    Optometry Equipment & text books for sale. Barely used! Salt Lake City area.

    I have text books and optometry equipment that I used only while a student so it's all in "like new" condition. It's all equipment that will be required as a student. I'd prefer not to have to package it and mail it piece by piece so would prefer it to go to someone in the Salt Lake City area...
  23. rs_med_student

    Should i Read Guyton?

    Hello guys. i am a hopefully soon to be 2nd year med student obviously i did my physiology class and i did fantastic. the Q in the tite has been on my mind for quite a while. we used guyton's textbook of physiolgy...the freakin bible of physiology i liked it a lot and found it fairly easy to...
  24. rs_med_student

    BOTH Best Books for 2nd year recommendations please.

    hello guys. next month ill be hopefully moving to 2nd year and studying: -phathology -microbiology -pharmacology -genetics (i probably wont need a book) i need something that all med students dream of,a book thats: clear concise easy to read HIGH YIELD or MIDUIM YIELD just like Guyton for...
  25. laurog1

    Do I need to buy all my books?

    I'm sure this is a really common question, but I just got my book list for my fall semester and it's pretty overwhelming. For my program, Summer 1 required 3 books and some additional free online resources. But, my list for Fall 1 has 11 books, all based around movement science/musculoskeletal +...
  26. A

    McKenzie Part A and B Manuals

    Hey guys! My classmate and I are about to go on an outpatient orthopedic clinical rotation to Australia and were recommended by the site to familiarize ourselves with McKenzie and his techniques before starting our rotation. I was wondering if anyone knew of an online resource (i.e. a PDF)...
  27. K

    BRS/Medical books

    Looking for following books. Latest editions preferred, but will consider one edition old books. Minimal highlighting, wear/tear, writing, underling, etc please. Message me how much you are selling for! Costanzo Physiology Mosby Renal Physiology BRS Physiology BRS Gross Anatomy Moore...
  28. K

    BRS Books - International Ed

    Does anyone have any experience with the International editions of the BRS books? Are they exactly the same (format, color, etc.) as the US versions? I don't care about hard/softcover or a different cover on the book. I'm more trying to figure out if the books are significantly worse in...