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  1. D

    Apply or another gap year?

    Happy new year everyone! I'm looking for some guidance (again) and figured this would probably be a good place for that. I'll give a short outline of basically what my application would be (minus the PS) and what my dilemma is. GPA Stuff GPA: 3.988 sGPA: 4.000 MCAT: 518 LizzyM: 75.9 WARS: 85...
  2. D

    GPA 3.988, sGPA 4.0, MCAT 518, Aiming for T10-T20, Gap year advice needed

    Hi all, Looking for some guidance on what to do moving forward. I’m in my final year of undergrad and recently got my MCAT score back (518). I have an LM 75.9 and WARS 85, conservatively. The 2017 WARS doc gave me an S level rating and recommended I make 45% of my applications to Category 1...
  3. R

    Chance Me | URM | MD/PHD AND MD

    Hello, Based on the following, what are my chances looking like for Top 20 Schools MD/PHD as well as MD programs (I know not to apply to both at the same time and I won't): cumulative GPA: 3.76 science GPA: 3.55 MCAT: 517 African-American female State of residence: NYC *woot*woot* Plethora of...
  4. F

    GPA off-putting for top 20s?

    Let me preface by saying I realize this post is a reflection of my neuroticism. I have a relative on the board of admissions at a top 10 med school who told me that my GPA of 3.88 as an ORM may slightly put off top 20 schools I am applying to. Is a 3.88 good enough for top programs? Would...
  5. E

    3.83 GPA, 517 MCAT, Upwards Trend

  6. Siege

    Top 20 Profile thread 2017

    For those Accepted or at least interviewed at a top 20, Post and give information in the following format Major: Cumulative GPA: Science GPA: MCAT Score: Test Date: First application cycle? (If no, how many other times have you applied): Were you a student while applying or did you...
  7. B

    MD My chances for top schools

    I have a balance MCAT score, 511 (85%), my cGPA is 3.87, sGPA is 3.9, I have 200 hours of hospital experience interacting with patients, 2 years plus of volunteering, worked with 5 different labs in different faculties (mechanical, biomedical engineering; neuroscience, and Public Administration...
  8. J

    MD Chance me for top 20 MD schools

    Undergrad: ivy in (NYC) sGPA, cGPA: 3.74, 3.75 MCAT: 512 (129/124/130/129) Race: indian Research (3+ continuous years): - Two 1st author publications in surgery (clinical) research journals - One 3rd author publication in clinical psychology research (alcohol withdrawal) - Poster and podium...
  9. J

    URM high GPA low MCAT, do I have a chance at top 20 schools

    Please help. My question is do I have any chance of getting in to any Top 20 schools. I think my MCAT really hurt me but want your opinion. Here are my stats: - URM (African American, African Immigrant and first generation college attendee in my family) - cGPA of 3.88 and sGPA OF 3.80 - MCAT...
  10. SterlingMaloryArcher

    Not Admitted/Admitted/Admitted to Top-20 - Critical Factors (Please add to or correct)

    Who doesn't have a little bit of anxiety about their future, especially premeds? I'm pretty awake from a redbull and my homework is done so I made this :) All the time we hear "You can be a perfect applicant and still be rejected." But there has to be more to it than that. I am attempting to...
  11. Y

    Is this enough research for Top 20? Or Gap year necessary?

    Hi everyone, first post so bear with me, I am a 3rd year who is going to join a research lab this month and after talking with the PI, will likely be starting an independent project around March. I have previous research experience (6 months during my sophomore year) but no LOR from this...
  12. B

    Would 3.68 sGPA greatly damage chances at top 20?

    I promise this is not a troll post (maybe a bit neurotic...). Anyways, my cGPA is 3.79, and I scored a 525 on the MCAT. I'm assuming my MCAT score "compensates" for the below average -- for top 20's, that is -- sGPA? I'm assuming that I'm competitive in the other aspects (research, volunteering...
  13. M

    concerned about bad grad gpa - please advise and help me!

    I have spoken with admissions reps at top 10 med schools... Your undergrad GPA and MCAT are what matter. Not everyone gets a PhD so they can't judge your GPA for that across the board. How in the heck can anyone evaluate someone who has a PhD in physics from MIT with a 3.0 vs. a 4.0 MPP from...
  14. scaredadvocate

    MD GPA/MCAT discrepancy- need help with my list!

    GPA: 3.6 (science and overall) MCAT: 519 (129/132/129/129) morehouse pitt temple tulane penn columbia duke emory