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  1. R

    Chance Me | URM | MD/PHD AND MD

    Hello, Based on the following, what are my chances looking like for Top 20 Schools MD/PHD as well as MD programs (I know not to apply to both at the same time and I won't): cumulative GPA: 3.76 science GPA: 3.55 MCAT: 517 African-American female State of residence: NYC *woot*woot* Plethora of...
  2. F

    GPA off-putting for top 20s?

    Let me preface by saying I realize this post is a reflection of my neuroticism. I have a relative on the board of admissions at a top 10 med school who told me that my GPA of 3.88 as an ORM may slightly put off top 20 schools I am applying to. Is a 3.88 good enough for top programs? Would...
  3. E

    3.83 GPA, 517 MCAT, Upwards Trend

  4. Siege

    Top 20 Profile thread 2017

    For those Accepted or at least interviewed at a top 20, Post and give information in the following format Major: Cumulative GPA: Science GPA: MCAT Score: Test Date: First application cycle? (If no, how many other times have you applied): Were you a student while applying or did you...
  5. B

    MD My chances for top schools

    I have a balance MCAT score, 511 (85%), my cGPA is 3.87, sGPA is 3.9, I have 200 hours of hospital experience interacting with patients, 2 years plus of volunteering, worked with 5 different labs in different faculties (mechanical, biomedical engineering; neuroscience, and Public Administration...
  6. J

    MD Chance me for top 20 MD schools

    Undergrad: ivy in (NYC) sGPA, cGPA: 3.74, 3.75 MCAT: 512 (129/124/130/129) Race: indian Research (3+ continuous years): - Two 1st author publications in surgery (clinical) research journals - One 3rd author publication in clinical psychology research (alcohol withdrawal) - Poster and podium...
  7. J

    URM high GPA low MCAT, do I have a chance at top 20 schools

    Please help. My question is do I have any chance of getting in to any Top 20 schools. I think my MCAT really hurt me but want your opinion. Here are my stats: - URM (African American, African Immigrant and first generation college attendee in my family) - cGPA of 3.88 and sGPA OF 3.80 - MCAT...
  8. SterlingMaloryArcher

    Not Admitted/Admitted/Admitted to Top-20 - Critical Factors (Please add to or correct)

    Who doesn't have a little bit of anxiety about their future, especially premeds? I'm pretty awake from a redbull and my homework is done so I made this :) All the time we hear "You can be a perfect applicant and still be rejected." But there has to be more to it than that. I am attempting to...
  9. Y

    Is this enough research for Top 20? Or Gap year necessary?

    Hi everyone, first post so bear with me, I am a 3rd year who is going to join a research lab this month and after talking with the PI, will likely be starting an independent project around March. I have previous research experience (6 months during my sophomore year) but no LOR from this...
  10. B

    Would 3.68 sGPA greatly damage chances at top 20?

    I promise this is not a troll post (maybe a bit neurotic...). Anyways, my cGPA is 3.79, and I scored a 525 on the MCAT. I'm assuming my MCAT score "compensates" for the below average -- for top 20's, that is -- sGPA? I'm assuming that I'm competitive in the other aspects (research, volunteering...
  11. M

    concerned about bad grad gpa - please advise and help me!

    I have spoken with admissions reps at top 10 med schools... Your undergrad GPA and MCAT are what matter. Not everyone gets a PhD so they can't judge your GPA for that across the board. How in the heck can anyone evaluate someone who has a PhD in physics from MIT with a 3.0 vs. a 4.0 MPP from...
  12. scaredadvocate

    MD GPA/MCAT discrepancy- need help with my list!

    GPA: 3.6 (science and overall) MCAT: 519 (129/132/129/129) morehouse pitt temple tulane penn columbia duke emory