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  1. I

    Touro Nevada MHS: 2022-2023

    Hello has anyone else been accepted into Touro’s MHS program for next school year? I was recently accepted and want to know more about the programs pros and cons.
  2. Telomeree

    PLEASE HELP: KCU-COM vs Touro Nevada

    Hi folks! Been going back and forth on this for weeks now and I have two days left to decide. Would really appreciate some advice! Side note, I am from CA and I am interested in Internal Medicine and EM Touro NV Pros location/closer to home many placements in CA 3rd year rotations within 40...
  3. VanillaClassic

    Touro-Nevada vs UIWSOM

    Hello, I am here to get some feedback from both schools. I am having a hard time trying to decide between the two schools. I am from Texas and plan to come back to Texas after medical school. For specialties, I am leaning away from PC and more towards anesthesiology or orthopedics. UIWSOM (San...
  4. Lovelygreenhue

    RVU UT vs Touro NV

    Hello! I was fortunate enough to get a few acceptances this cycle and so far have narrowed down to these two. I'm a California resident and would love to come back after med school for residencies etc. As for the type of residencies, I have a few in mind but very unsure at the moment. RVU-UT...
  5. C

    Touro Nevada DPT

    Has anyone heard back from Touro yet? The supplementary application said decisions will be made late october/early november. Although I know previous years they were sent out late november. Just wondering if anyone got an email back yet.
  6. H

    TUCOM CA vs Touro Nevada

    Question answered.
  7. H

    Deposit Extension or Expedited Review Possible?

    Question answered.
  8. S

    TUNCOM Class of 2022

    I think everyone was hoping to find a place for us all to gather now that we know where we're headed so welcome to the place to meet your future classmates!
  9. D

    Medical Students - Do you go to class? (Touro NV)

    Hello, I am a California resident and trying to decide if I will finish Touro NV application. Would I need to live close to the school full-time? I know that Western offers webcasts and I have heard that most students do not end up going to class after the first semester. Is this the same with...