Deposit Extension or Expedited Review Possible?

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Mar 1, 2018
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Question answered.

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Jun 11, 2010
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I currently have an acceptance from TUCOM CA :soexcited: and my deposit will be due next week. However, I just interviewed at Touro Nevada, but we won't have a decision until two weeks AFTER the deposit is due.

I was wondering if asking for an extension from TUCOM CA and/or expedited review from Touro Nevada is possible. Are the schools friendly to such requests? If they are, should I just say that it's because I'm waiting on another school or should I lean on my financial reasons as the main reason?

And, yes, I've read a lot of threads where most users suggest shelling out the money. I'll put it down if I absolutely have to, but the deposit is a hefty $2000 so I thought I'd just ask around first.

Thank you!
At my schools, we don't do such things, and I can image either TUNCOM or Touro-CA doing it either. Really, you're asking to be skipped to the head of the line, or frankly to be a special snowflake.

Consider the deposit as insurance. You'll make it back in spades as a doctor.