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  1. A

    Retake on ADEA AADSAS

    So I took a math class twice at my undergrad college then I took it again at another college during my post-bacc program. On the ADEA AADSAS app it says "Note: courses should be marked repeated only if repeated at the same institution. If you took a course at one institution and later repeated...
  2. M

    Reapplicant-Do we have to re-order new transcripts?

    So I'm re-applying this cycle and idk if we have to order our transcripts again? I graduated back in 2020 so there are no changes related to my grades.
  3. A

    Help! Incorrect transcript submitted

    It's my first time posting at SDN, and sorry if this is kinda long. I have a question regarding incorrect transcript entry on my primary application (which has been verified). One of my intro biology classes (BIOL 2) is classified under "Not applicable" when it should be "Combined Lab and...
  4. P

    Need help on Pharmcas transcript entry for AP courses

    Hi everyone! How did you enter your AP courses on Pharmcas? I don't have an official transcript on hand at the moment, but I'd like to get started on entering all coursework. On my UNOFFICIAL transcript, the AP courses are listed in this format: "AP PSYCHOLOGY (Score 5, Units 4.0) 05/13." How...
  5. M


  6. R

    2 questions - transcript entry and personal statement

    Transcript entry: How strict is the subject selection for each course? For example, should I put "Spt Sci 113: EMT Basic" under sports science or emergency medical? Does it matter? I have several courses where it could go either way like that. Personal Statement: I started taking prerequisite...
  7. W

    Dental School Application - Transfer Credits

    Hi! I've been wondering about how to input transfer credits. I've transferred a few credits from another school to my primary school. Can I use the course code for the transferred credits that is recorded on my primary school transcript? Or do I have to contact my old school to get their actual...
  8. G

    Question on transcript

    So one of my classes thats a transfer credit is named as "elective" on my transcript, what subject should i put it under when im entering it in the application transcript?
  9. phaneepack

    Should I send transcript?

    Hi yall, I attempted organic chemistry at a community college but eventually had to withdraw from the class and receive a W. This is the only class I took at this school. Do I still have to input this information and send the transcript on my application?
  10. G

    Question about AMCAS & degree on transcript

    On my AMCAS, I have filled in that I graduated in May 2018. When I look at my unofficial transcript, I can see that spring grades have been posted. However, my actual degree has not been posted to my transcript yet. My question is that, if I go ahead and send my transcript now, will there be a...
  11. L

    Adding AP and CLEP courses to AACOMAS

    Does anyone know which semester to add AP credit? I know most add in the first semester but on my transcript my AP credit is listed Spring 2013 but I didn't technically start school until Fall 2013. My college is listed as attended from Aug 2013-Dec 2016. I took one CLEP test also and it's...
  12. P

    PharmCAS: Ongoing class at UCB Extension so transcript was placed on hold; what do I do?

    Hello everyone! This is my first post so I'm hoping I'm doing this right lol I'm freaking out right about now. I thought I submitted everything to PharmCAS on time by the November 1st deadline. I requested all 4 of my transcripts at the end of September. It turns out one of them was placed on...
  13. D

    Transcript Entry

    Has anyone ever taken a Freshman Seminar or a 1 credit university course? What did you put as the the subject on PTCAS?
  14. dogsRgreat

    PharmCAS: ACT score replacing class

    I scored very high on the English portion of the ACT so I was not required to take the writing composition courses. However, I didn't learn this until I had take Writing I as a dual-credit class and received a C... that's high school. PharmCAS gives an option to enter any CLEP tests, etc. but I...
  15. K

    PharmCAS Professional Transcript Entry?

    Does anyone know if it's worth it or reccomended to do the professional transcript entry? It's $65 but I wouldn't mind doing it myself.. Any suggestions?
  16. H

    PharmCAS Transcript Entry

    This summer I took classes in both of my school's sessions. The grades have been posted for the first session and are seen on my official transcript, but the grades for the second session haven't been posted yet. My school didn't divide these on my transcript as "session 1" and "session 2"...
  17. H

    PharmCAS transcript

    Last week I went to my university and requested my official transcript be sent to PharmCAS via their instructions. It's been about 6 business days and PharmCAS still says they haven't been received them. About how long should it take for them to arrive?
  18. JackM255

    Using the Professional transcript entry question

    I was simply curious if anyone has used the transcript entry service that costs like $65. I am contemplating using this simply to save time. Does using it look bad or can schools not see that it was used? Just was hoping for some feedback on it. Thanks!
  19. uhds

    Transcript Entry Course Title/Subject

    Hello everyone! My transcripts lists a course as "Interpersonal Comun I" should I list it in the Course Title as "Interpersonal Comun I" or do I list it as "Interpersonal Communication I"? For Course Subject: There's a bunch of choices now, it's not listed just as Biology, Chemistry...
  20. BlueSesameBun

    Unique Situation - IB Repeat Courses - HELP!!!

    I had IB coursework from high school brought over to my undergraduate institution, of which included credits for 3 of the core biology courses. I ended up taking these classes at my institution anyways because I believed not all medical schools would accept IB credits as suitable replacements...
  21. Yhorm the Giant

    Classifying Freshmen Sophmore etc. on transcript entry

    So I have over 200 UG credits. Will I just end up saying senior semester for the last like 110 credits or can I put the first several semesters in the freshmen category on the transcript entry in aacomas? I've tried every tag I could to search for this, sorry if it is a frequent question. I...