1. K

    Moving from Clinical psychology to school psychology

    I am a NY state licensed psychologist working within OMH for 10 years and was wondering how I could transition into school psychology. I read some of the requirements but I can’t find anything on what the requirements would be for someone who is already licensed. My degree is in clinical...
  2. C

    I don’t wanna leave home

    Having a hard time starting med school next month. I lived away from home for 5 years, had a blast, and came home for my app year. But I wanna stay home so badly. I’m literally forcing myself at this point to go to school and have started antidepressants. From LA so odds I match here are slim...
  3. sighingoutloud

    Registered Respiratory Therapist to Medical School?

    Hello, I am a RRT and I am wondering if anyone has made the move from RRT to later become a MD? Is it possible? How did you do it? Does having experience as a RRT help with getting in? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I am 25, 3.5 GPA with a BS in Ex. Physiology (waste of time) and a...
  4. N

    Doctoral Student Potentially Transitioning to Medical School

    There are similar posts on here so I apologize for redundancy - I am currently nearing the end of my doctoral program (Neuropsychology) and may use it as a stepping stone to medical school. I had an undergraduate minor in Human Biology, so many pre-med courses are done. However, there are...
  5. D

    Looking for Indian MDs who have moved to Australia to interview for website

    Gday! I write a blog called Doctors Down Under designed for med students, Drs in training, IMGS etc. from all around the world interested in moving to Australia. I also post accounts of IMGS who have already made the move. I am looking for other real life accounts to put on the website (anon)...
  6. MessiNeymar10

    Temple dental first year

    Hey friends, I was wondering if there are any recent Kornberg D1s on here that can shed light on how first year typically is, how we can expect the transition to be, how much time we'd be in lecture, how often examinations take place... etc I want to get a feel for what our first year is going...
  7. DiagnasaurusRex

    Transitioning from US to EU as and MD

    Hi all, First a a little about me. American citizen MD, graduated from UTMB Completed Internal Medicine and Pediatrics Residency Board certified in Internal Medicine 2 years in practice as a Hospitalist. Have Colorado and Texas medical license. Pretty good experience regarding critical care...
  8. spidermonkeyMD

    PT to MD wamc

    Hi, I am a physical therapist working for 7 years now and I have this feeling inside of me that I need to change career and pursue my dream of being a doctor. I don't feel PT is cutting it for me, it's not what I want to do as a career in life anymore. Anyway, I've been lurking into med school...
  9. AntsInMyEyes_Johnson

    How Do I Transition Into Biomedical Research from Neuropsychology Research?

  10. Allen4083

    Advice for becoming competitive - 5th Year Senior

    I'm in the fifth year of undergrad, I have a "Science" major with a Legal/Public Policy specialty. My plan was to go to law school but, without delving into it, I don't want to anymore and I'm looking at medical school. My GPA is pretty abysmal, it's 2.5 and my sGPA hovers around there as well...
  11. Q

    Other Doctoral Degree Transition from Physics

    Hi! I am currently a fourth year student specialised in Physics at Cambridge University. Even though I am interested in maths and physics, I have always felt the need to do something that has an impact on people. And over the past two years, I became increasingly interested in infectious disease...
  12. notthekyrieirving

    PA to MD?

    Hiya folks, So I'm in a bit of a dilemma here. I'm interested in applying for medical school next cycle, and my well-meaning mother is pushing/forcing me to also apply to PA school this cycle. Her reasoning is that if I get into PA school I can still apply to medical school and transfer if I...
  13. S

    CVS Pharm Tech to Pharmacist

    Hey all, I work for CVS as a Pharmacy Technician, I was wondering if CVS keeps you like a "loyalty" thing and they will offer you a job as a Pharmacist after all is done. I graduated from Unviersity with a degree in Chemistry and I will be going back to get my pre-reqs completed so I can apply...