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    Tufts vs MWU-IL vs ASDOH (Waitlist) vs MWU-AZ (Pending)

    Hello Everyone, I am having trouble deciding which to attend. The way I think is best to filter schools is 1) Price 2) Clinic 3) Location/Personal. The cost of attendance is the same for all. My two acceptances right now are Tufts and MWU-IL. Please let me know your thoughts on the Arizona...
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    Non Traditional Student with Low 19 DAT and Accepted to Dental Schools

    Hey Everyone! I am writing this for those who are feeling discouraged on their pre-dental journey and need some words of encouragement. Today, I am 22 with multiple acceptances from my 2nd cycle applying to dental school. Glory be to God. I was accepted into 3 dental schools so far and...
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    BU or Tufts

    Tuition is same I know dental school is hard but looking for a school that supports you if you are struggling and won’t just fail you Looking into a less hand skilled focused speciality bc of age so dental anesthesiology, dental radiology, dental public health, dental pathology
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    Waitlist at Tufts (Dental)

    So I’m looking for some advice from former/current Tufts dental students (especially waitlisted applicants). I interviewed back on February 25 and was waitlisted March 5. I haven’t received any responses to my emails directly from the director of admissions. Do I still have a chance to get in or...
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    Tufts Ask Me Anything PM me if it's personal or you want help applying
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    ** Tufts 2020 **

    The interview cycle is coming up soon! Please share if you know anything about the Tufts interview process.
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    [HPSP] Maryland (OOS) vs. Tufts

    Hi everyone, I’m trying to decide between Maryland and Tufts. I know most of this thread talks about cost, but I was selected for the HPSP, so the only factor is the cost of living above $2,200 per month. I already put in my deposit for Maryland, but recently interviewed at Tufts. I'm from...