1. zoe5

    Volunteering/Clinical Experience/Extracurriculars during the pandemic (internationally)

    I'm an undergrad freshman at UCSB doing remote learning. How do I find volunteer opportunities? Will med schools take pandemic difficulties into account? I've read answers to other questions like mine, but Im living in Taiwan. So technically the pandemic is over here. There isn't a huge need for...
  2. TheKrispy

    Any UCSB pre-meds majoring in biopsych?

    I have so many questions about the math classes I need to take so I would really appreciate if anyone would be willing to allow me to PM them and discuss the different math classes at UCSB.
  3. D

    UCSB vs UC Davis vs UCLA vs Case Western for Premed

    I am a current high school senior in California, and I was lucky enough to be accepted into UCSB (honors), UC Davis (regents), UCLA, and Case Western Reserve University. I'm having trouble choosing between these four institutions. Any help would be much appreciated :) SB: pros- - easiest of...
  4. J

    premed or chemE?

    my dream school is UCS B I always wanted to become a doctor mostly neurosurgeon. recently I was interested in chemE, and thought I will apply to some schools chemE such as UT austin and alabama since I am in state I will apply most UC for premed. I wasn't planning on applying to ucsb however...
  5. A

    Do I have a chance at getting into a UC? Or USC?

    I'm a junior at Beverly Hills High and my gpa is looking pretty iffy. In the low 3 range on a 4.0 scale (unweighted). My main problem is that I've always stretched myself too thin and taken a lot of honors/AP courses. Last year I got a 4 on AP Biology. This year I am taking AP Lang and AP US...
  6. Versalia

    UCD vs UCI vs UCSB vs UCSD

    Hi guys, I'm sure you've gotten a plethora of these threads. I'm a confused HS senior and I've been accepted to UCSD, UCI, and UCD, waiting on UCSB. (Also CPSLO, but FA at state schools aren't the best and that's an issue for me). Also, I did not receive CHP/Honors/Regents for these schools. I...
  7. A

    UCSB Biopsych vs UCSD Psych , Pre-health/PA

    desperately looking for input: Im a transferring undergrad, I was accepted into a Pre-psychological and Brian sciences program at UCSB and into the Psych program at UCSD. Im pursuing becoming a PA so i need to keep my gpa up. im in love with SD. however the program at SB allows me too choose...
  8. C

    Which UC school is better for Pre-med?

    Hi, I got accepted into the following schools: UC Berkeley UC Santa Barbara (honors program) UCLA UCSD UC Irvine (honors program) UC Davis University of Rochester However, I can't seem to be able to determine which school(s) is best for pre-med. What are your thoughts/opinions? Thank you
  9. S

    'Kinda' prerequisites

    I hear a lot about how some med schools require some courses and some don't. Right now I have one quarter of calculus under my belt (UC System), but I don't know how this translates to med school requirements if that's all I do - the rest is AP credit and I finished the series. If I wanted to...