undergraduate research

  1. G

    Publishing Literature Review in an Undergraduate Journal

    Hey guys! I hope y'all are safe during this pandemic. I've recently written a literature review on some treatments for Alzheimer's Disease. It's a paper I'm extremely proud of because it took me A LONG time and a lot of research. I was told by a friend (who is also a pre-med) to publish it in...
  2. L

    Clinical Research as an Pre-medical student?

    Hello everyone! I am currently a sophomore pre-medical student and I am involved in clinical research with an academic general surgeon. I have one poster presentation, no publications yet. Most of the studies are retrospective chart reviews. Is this a good position for me to be in or should I...
  3. P

    International student fully funded winter/summer research

    Hi, I've read and browsed this site for some time but can't seem to find information on fully funded research positions for undergrads outside the U.S. I've completed some work(resulted in no publication and was really half-way),does someone know of any opportunity?
  4. M

    Need help with Research!!

    I will be an incoming freshman with an associate's degree, so I feel like I need to step up my game to get into medical school. Since my university requires a completion of prerequisites to participate in undergraduate research for academic credit, I could wait to do research for the following...
  5. M

    Questions about Research

    I am an incoming freshman with an Associate's degree. I just found out that in order to participate in undergraduate research at my university, I would have to take 2-3 courses as prerequisites. I am considering clinical research at a hospital, however, all of the hospitals near my university...
  6. scaredhamstermeme

    Undergraduate Research Difficulty

    So I'm a rising senior, and I've been in my lab (really small, no grad students, a couple undergrads including me, and the PI) for the past year. I've been focusing more on getting my GPA up over the semesters, so I've only been coming in regularly for the summers. My PI is super nice and...
  7. P

    How to get involved in undergraduate research?

    Hello, I am currently a sophomore in college and want to get involved in research. I am not sure where to start looking for opportunities. I heard that students can directly contact professors to inquire about possibilities but I am unsure whether or not that is the best path to take. Thank you...
  8. C

    meeting with PI for the first time- advice?

    I'm an incoming freshman interested in research, and have a meeting next week with a PI whose lab I want to work in. According to the email, i'm going to be sitting in on a lab meeting and then talking with the PI. I've already read several of the PI's abstracts and tried to (confusingly) read...
  9. C

    Cognitive Neuroscience straight after High School

    Hi there. I'm a junior in high school, outside the United States and my subjects are English, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Psychology. I want to pursue Cognitive Neuroscience in college in the US right after I graduate. Any tips/advice on what I should do for extra college credit? Is it...
  10. SterlingMaloryArcher

    Value of various types of research opportunities & What to do in Summer

    1.) Are organized summer opportunities ( https://med.virginia.edu/diversity/programs/srip/ ) more or less valuable than research throughout the school year with a professor? ( http://uvaurn.org/register-with-urn/ ) I feel the latter would be a better opportunity to have long-term involvement...
  11. 7

    Should I list presentations that I did not present?

    I'm second author on a poster that has been presented multiple times by its first author. Should I list it on my CV and application? Or is it poor taste? I'm not familiar with the intricacies of research authorships, presentations and such, so if anyone has experience in this area, I would...
  12. H

    Getting a research position without experience

    Hi everyone, I'm pre-med and having a hard time landing a research assistant position as most labs are full. It certainly doesn't help that I'm only a freshman and therefore have close to zero research experience and have hardly taken any relevant coursework (so far, just one semester of gen...
  13. S

    Undergraduate Research

    Hi everyone, I'm an undergrad freshman in my first quarter. I have started research and it's really exciting, but everything is starting off very slowly right now. I've learned agarose gel electrophoresis, pcr, qpcr, bca assay, western blot, cell culture, and a bit of flow cytometry. There is a...