university of colorado

  1. medshousing

    Renting Aurora Colorado

    www.MedsHousing.com listing #1956 Have a nice 1 bedroom w/closet for rent fully furnished with a shared bathroom. Blocks away from 3 major hospitals. Comes with a Queen Bed/Dresser/computer desk/internet all inclusive. Shared living space of a living room/kitchen/outdoor entertainment...
  2. A

    University of Colorado Class of December 2021

  3. S

    University of Colorado Question

    Hi everyone! Just wondering, does University of Colorado only accept Colorado residents? And if they accept non-residents, are they more likely to choose individuals from certain states over others? I am from the New England area and I am trying to figure out if I would have a shot if I apply...
  4. B

    Chance me: where to apply to dental school

    Looking for advice before applying in the upcoming cycle! I am a rising senior at University of Michigan Michigan resident AA DAT: 21 TS DAT: 20 PAT: 23 GPA: 3.64 sGPA: 3.59 150+ hours dental shadowing 200+ hours hospital volunteering research in UM dental school dental mission trip was...
  5. A

    University of Colorado vs Northern Arizona University

    Does anyone have any insight on the CU program in comparison to the NAU Flagstaff program? I've gotten into both and would love some perspective in helping me make the proper choice. I would be NAU instate for the entire program and CU out of state for the first year and in-state the second...
  6. P

    Thoughts on University of Colorado IM program

    Hey ! Can anyone comment on IM Residency at UC Denver? Camaraderie between residents? Didactics? Supportive attendings? Work hours ? Interim PD? Experience switching between all the hospitals? Thank you .
  7. V

    Who is going to University of Colorado?

    I have sent in my deposit and im looking to move to denver. Who else is going to colorado?
  8. D

    U of Colorado vs U of Michigan School of Pharmacy

    Hello, I have recently been admitted to two amazing Pharmacy programs at Colorado and Michigan and I preferably want to make a decision before I put in the deposits. I was hoping to get some input from current students/graduates attending either of these two schools before I make my final...
  9. V

    University of Colorado Interview information

    So i have an interview for UC SDM on jan 12 and im excited!! I have alot of questions if anyone can help me out. Does anyone know the Interview/acceptance schedule? What I mean by this is that (for example) VCU has its first wave of interviews before december than the first wave of...
  10. V

    Visiting the ISP Program at the University of Colorado

    Hi, I'v applied to Colorado dental school through CAAPID and there is an option on their website to visit their ISP program at university. It's a one day tour in early 2016. Has anyone done this tour before or any experience with university tours? Also, does it play any role in selection for...
  11. ckwsnik

    Clinical Experience: Tufts, Columbia, Uconn, Stony brook, University of Colorado

    If anyone has any insight or could elaborate on the level of clinical experience at the following schools it would be greatly appreciated! Pros/Cons/Postgrad strengths etc. (Tufts, Columbia, Uconn, Stony brook, and the University of Colorado.)